Your wealth and abundance mindset

Do you know that you are already rich? You probably just don’t realise it yet, however, right now you have within your possession a multi-million pound asset, or indeed something money cannot buy.

Most people think of their personal wealth in terms of physical money and possessions; however what if you were to take a different kind of personal audit? What if you were to value what until now you have placed little value on a.k.a. YOU.

So let’s start with your hands I’m assuming that you have two of them, and if by some sad chance you do not, you will have already been made very aware of their value. So how much would you say your hands are worth? Perhaps you think well not much, but if I were to offer you are £500 for one of them, would you sell me your right hand now? Possibly not. How about £1000 – is your answer still no? So we’ve established that your hands are worth over £1000 and given that you have two of them, that is £2000 already. So would you sell me both your hands for £4000? You’re probably thinking “£4000, no hands … Is it a fair trade?” I guess not. So what about your eyes; how much would you say the going rate was for a pair of eyes? £6000 per eye? £7000? £8000? Would you be prepared to sell your eyes for £10,000 apiece?

Clearly if you took stock of all your body parts that are healthy, functional and useful you would realise that your body alone is worth well over £1 million.

I call this type of wealth “human wealth”; the wealth all human beings possess but often overlook its true value. So how about you take a human wealth audit. Start with your body and then work your way down the list of your other assets such as your family, your friends, your experience, your knowledge, your skills and talents. No doubt you’ll soon realise that you are worth a fortune, yet possibly before now, you haven’t taken the time to see the value that is locked inside you.

This is the reality that is at the heart of cultivating an abundance mindset. When you have an abundance mindset you are saying to yourself “Everything I will ever need or want is fully available to me– right now.” The most important and essential things in life are free and not only that, they exist in quantities where there is abundance for everyone. If you have enough, it does not deprive anyone else of their ability to have enough too.

However, because we often focus on what we do not have, we get stuck in a lack or scarcity mentality. Focusing on the things that we do not have that makes us feel unhappy or unworthy. Being wealthy is a mental state that comes from within and is rooted in sense of abundance, of have anything you may ever want or need forever without limits. Once you realise this, you will be able to start the process of making the shift from a mindset of lack and scarcity to one of abundance and limitlessness, which will herald in a life of true wealth and abundance.

What price would you put on your human wealth assets? I would love to read your feedback should you choose to do this exercise.

About Ola Agbaimoni

Known as "The Business Detective" due to her "Sherlock Holmes" like problem solving abilities, Ola works in partnership with her sister Carole Pyke, The Business Bard. Together they run Eélan Media, a new type of Business growth agency offering a forensic approach to business and a creative approach to marketing. As well as being an expert in business planning, training and development, Ola is also a certified coach, NLP practitioner; an accomplished author, speaker and presenter.

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