Your Money Mindset Profile: The Maverick

The nine money mindset profiles, although described as a type of person, are really states of mind that create the characteristics of an archetype.  Consequently these states of mind can be changed and along with the change in mindset comes a change in behaviour and attitude towards money.  The mindset states are fluid and although some people may occupy a particular state for a long period of time, it is possible to progress through these states organically.  However, the majority of people who get stuck in a particular state fail to shift it without external intervention.

This is because it is impossible to break free of your limiting behaviour and beliefs unless you know exactly what are the limiting behaviour and beliefs you are trying to replace. Do you spend more money than you have? Do you feel that you don’t deserve money? Do you believe that you have to compromise your ethics to make money? Are you rarely contented with your financial situation? These are just a few of the questions that you will need to answer in order to begin to break free from your bad money habits and restore money harmony in your life.

The 9 money mindset profiles I have identified are based on my observations of how people I have worked with, lived with, mentored and coached interacted with money.  In addition I have also drawn on the work of Deborah L. Price (a highly regarded financial advisor and money coach in the USA) in her book Money Magic

The maverick money mindset imageThe Maverick: Everyone knows a Maverick; someone who is careless and foolish with money. The gamblers who take chances with the family resources. Sometimes these people are literally gamblers, risking all on the turn of a card or the speed of an animal. Not only do they play fast and loose with money, they are also spent drifts with expensive tastes rarely able to live within their means. I am reminded of a former acquaintance that would spend days in the gambling house trying to win back the money he’d lost. And when he finally left empty-handed, he would go home via Harrods and use his credit card to buy the best T-bone steak to have for breakfast.

The Maverick’s main issue is that they live in an alternative reality from the rest of us.  In their reality risk works in the reverse.  So the more risky a venture the bigger the commitment Mavericks are prepared to make because if they win they win big.  Consequently Mavericks are in the habit of winning and losing fortunes rapidly.

On the plus side the Maverick has mastered the art of living in the present moment.  Something we could all learn from.  By not being attached to outcomes the Maverick is able to move on quickly and so they also make loyal and non-judging friends.  For those stuck in the money mindset of the Maverick, the key to moving forward is learning the art of balance.  By bringing more balance into their lives Mavericks are able to avoid extremes of throwing it all away on “a single card”.  More balance in your life can be achieved through the practice of inner reflection and stillness.  That is quietening both the physical body and the mind through, for example, meditation and quiet reflection and journaling practices.

Typically Maverick money mindset profiles are: optimistic, edgy, wilful, rash, excessively generous, easy-going, daring, lives in the present moment, financially irresponsible, naive.


Your money mindset profile result is based on the questions you answered.  If you’re concerned that you do not fit the money mindset profile selected, it could be that you are a mixture of one or more profiles and the one identified has a slight dominance.  This is not an exact science.  The money mindset profiles are designed to help you heal issues in your relationship with money and it aims to provide you with useful information in this matter.  However, if you feel that these are not your issues, please look through the other profile types and work on the issues that you feel would best serve you.