Your Money Mindset Profile: The Disconnected

The nine money mindset profiles, although described as a type of person, are really states of mind that create the characteristics of an archetype.  Consequently these states of mind can be changed and along with the change in mindset comes a change in behaviour and attitude towards money.  The mindset states are fluid and although some people may occupy a particular state for a long period of time, it is possible to progress through these states organically.  However, the majority of people who get stuck in a particular state fail to shift it without external intervention.

This is because it is impossible to break free of your limiting behaviour and beliefs unless you know exactly what are the limiting behaviour and beliefs you are trying to replace. Do you spend more money than you have? Do you feel that you don’t deserve money? Do you believe that you have to compromise your ethics to make money? Are you rarely contented with your financial situation? These are just a few of the questions that you will need to answer in order to begin to break free from your bad money habits and restore money harmony in your life.

The 9 money mindset profiles I have identified are based on my observations of how people I have worked with, lived with, mentored and coached interacted with money.  In addition I have also drawn on the work of Deborah L. Price (a highly regarded financial advisor and money coach in the USA) in her book Money Magic.

The disconnected money mindset imageThe Disconnected:  The Disconnected view themselves as powerless when it comes to money; like a lifeless marionette destined to have their strings pulled by more masterful money mindset profiles.  This can either be beneficial or disastrous depending on which profile they choose to pair with.  The profile of The Bully mindset will overwhelm the Disconnected.  In a relationship between The Bully and The Disconnected the latter ends up being subservient with very little say or autonomy over their affairs.  The obvious example is of a high-powered executive completely controlling the household finances and giving money to his wife as if she was a child.  Whereas if they are paired with The Sage, because of their kind and practical nature, it is possible for The Disconnected to have their needs met without losing all of their autonomy.

The Disconnected don’t believe and have not learnt that they have the power to change their financial circumstances.  When faced with a financial situation they feel overwhelmed and their basic desire is to be rescued.  They dream of winning the lottery or a mysterious benefactor leaving them all the money they need to solve their money issues.  If they have money, they are too trusting of others and will take people at their word.  This often leads them into bad investments or long contracts to purchase the latest offer that landed on the mat with the weekend newspaper colour supplements.

The Disconnected are not only disconnected from money they are also disconnected from their beliefs.  Many Disconnected money mindset profiles end up earning a living doing jobs that are out of alignment with their core values.  In order to progress beyond the mindset of The Disconnected, these profile types must learn to stand in their own power and embrace their own capabilities and capacity to become highly competent in managing their finances.  Acquiring knowledge of self and financial matters is the key to unlocking the potential of The Disconnected.  Once The Disconnected have reconnected with their beliefs and authentic self they will be empowered to fulfil their dreams.

Typically Disconnected money mindset profiles are: trusting, indecisive, anxious, financially dependent, out of alignment with true self, lacking self power, avoid confrontations, hide their true feelings.

Your money mindset profile result is based on the questions you answered.  If you’re concerned that you do not fit the money mindset profile selected, it could be that you are a mixture of one or more profiles and the one identified has a slight dominance.  This is not an exact science.  The money mindset profiles are designed to help you heal issues in your relationship with money and it aims to provide you with useful information in this matter.  However, if you feel that these are not your issues, please look through the other profile types and work on the issues that you feel would best serve you.