Your Money Mindset Profile: The Chaser

The nine money mindset profiles, although described as a type of person, are really states of mind that create the characteristics of an archetype.  Consequently these states of mind can be changed and along with the change in mindset comes a change in behaviour and attitude towards money.  The mindset states are fluid and although some people may occupy a particular state for a long period of time, it is possible to progress through these states organically.  However, the majority of people who get stuck in a particular state fail to shift it without external intervention.

This is because it is impossible to break free of your limiting behaviour and beliefs unless you know exactly what are the limiting behaviour and beliefs you are trying to replace. Do you spend more money than you have? Do you feel that you don’t deserve money? Do you believe that you have to compromise your ethics to make money? Are you rarely contented with your financial situation? These are just a few of the questions that you will need to answer in order to begin to break free from your bad money habits and restore money harmony in your life.

The 9 money mindset profiles I have identified are based on my observations of how people I have worked with, lived with, mentored and coached interacted with money.  In addition I have also drawn on the work of Deborah L. Price (a highly regarded financial advisor and money coach in the USA) in her book Money Magic

The chaser money mindset imageThe Chaser: These people chase money and in doing so drive it away.  They are always dissatisfied with their financial situation, even if from the outside they appear to be extremely rich.  They are always chasing after the next deal, the next investment.  Again these money types, like the disconnected have lost connection with their “satisfaction” button.  They no longer know how to feel satisfied or contented and believe that being satisfied is always one deal away.

Chasers are ambitious; they are the people with the itchy feet who can’t keep still, full of ideas, most of which are good. Chasers are always seeking opportunities to do things bigger, better and faster than before.  This money mindset is a double edged sword.  On the one hand it can produce fabulous results and many Chasers are the wealthy entrepreneurs among us.  However, the dark side of The Chaser is a complete lack of contentment or commitment to any one thing or a recognition that they have more than enough.  Hence a continued sense of discontentment is the antipathy of striving for improvement. The restless nature of The Chaser is also reflected in their relationships and they may find themselves straying and having affairs out of boredom.

The challenge for Chasers is to learn contentment so that they can take the time to fully appreciate what they have and be in the moment.  When you are continually chasing money you are subconsciously projecting a lack mentality.  Discontent is another form of lack – what you want is not here so you continue to search.  Many Chasers earn and lose fortunes repeatedly because they are prepared to risk everything for the next deal.  Chasers are able to learn contentment by practising gratitude.  In a world full of overconsumption, and discontentment, gratitude offers a space to experienced joy and abundance.  Because gratitude is the antidote to negative emotional states and destructive mindset and limiting beliefs, all the money mindset profiles would benefit from practising gratitude however it is of particular value to The Chaser.  When you practice gratitude you are choosing to focus on what you have rather than indulging in the illusion of lack by chasing what you do not have.  Consequently gratitude catapults your soul, your true self into a higher state of being.  When you are able to fully recognise the gifts that you have been given, you are able to receive them fully and therefore you increase your capacity to receive more of the flow of abundance in your life.

Whatever you focus on expands so choosing to focus on what you have rather than what you do not, automatically expands and grows the “having”.  This is true of all areas of your life.  Cultivating your attitude of gratitude means that your heart mind and soul become fertile ground for forgiveness, love, patience and kindness.  It is hard to imagine any aspect of one’s life that would not be enhanced by an input of more kindness, patience, love and forgiveness.

Typically Chaser money mindset profiles are: competitive, driven, ambitious, confident, intelligent, sociable, trustworthy ,disciplined, good at deductive reasoning, good under pressure, powerful, typical leaders, financially successful.

Your money mindset profile result is based on the questions you answered.  If you’re concerned that you do not fit the money mindset profile selected, it could be that you are a mixture of one or more profiles and the one identified has a slight dominance.  This is not an exact science.  The money mindset profiles are designed to help you heal issues in your relationship with money and it aims to provide you with useful information in this matter.  However, if you feel that these are not your issues, please look through the other profile types and work on the issues that you feel would best serve you.