What you think is what you see

Remember that old chestnut about whether the glass is half full or half empty – well, we all know it’s both. What determines how you see it is the filters you have chosen to look through. We think of seeing through our eyes when the reality is that we see through our thoughts. Consequently there really isn’t any such thing as a single completely objective way of seeing things.

Today I was watching a video of myself which will shortly be on my website. Now I am super critical of how I look on film. As my husband is fond of reminding me, I’ve never seen a picture of myself that I was truly happy with. Hence I wasn’t allowed to select our wedding pictures. I did manage to get my sister to airbrush a couple that she had put up on her website. Why not? It made me feel better. But I digress.

As I was saying, I was watching a video of myself with my highly critical eyes on. The first time I watched it I thought I sounded almost incoherent and my make up was a funny colour. However by the time I’d watched it 4- 5 times, each time with a different member of my family watching it with me, it looked like a completely different video. You see their positive feedback had gradually changed my perception of it and I could see more of the good points than the bad. We really do see what we want to see and what we see reinforces our thoughts.

Vision is really perception or projection. We think of information going into our brains from our eyes which tells us what we see, when in reality it’s more like information coming out of our brains being projected into the world and determining what we see and in turn, what we experience.

Whatever you think you know is really just your interpretation of events and experiences based on what you choose to see. If you see lack and scarcity, then you will experience lack and scarcity. If you see everyone struggling to make ends meet, then you will experience that too. However if you see wealth and abundance you experience a life fulfilment and contentment.

On average we blink 25 times a minute. Every time we reopen our eyes we have another opportunity to see things anew. How do you start to see things differently? It’s easy; first choose to be open to the idea that things are going to be better. It helps if you affirm this to yourself by saying aloud something like “I am willing to be open to the opportunity to see things differently. “ Then just be open. Whenever you change your mind, soften your focus and look at things with new eyes you will see things in a new light.

What can you tell yourself each day to soften your focus and look at things anew? Please share your thoughts I look forward to reading them.

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Known as "The Business Detective" due to her "Sherlock Holmes" like problem solving abilities, Ola works in partnership with her sister Carole Pyke, The Business Bard. Together they run Eélan Media, a new type of Business growth agency offering a forensic approach to business and a creative approach to marketing. As well as being an expert in business planning, training and development, Ola is also a certified coach, NLP practitioner; an accomplished author, speaker and presenter.

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