How to get the best out of your menstrual cycle

As women we are bombarded from an early age with negative messages about our periods. Indeed it is not uncommon to find women who even today are totally embarrassed about the whole thing.

We spend our lives hearing about how bad periods are; advertising’s main message is the menses is inconvenient or embarrassing. For the mature women the ending of your periods is portrayed as a horrendous time beginning with the loss of control of your body temperature, your figure and with it your sex appeal. With such negative messages is it any wonder that women often feel at the mercy of their hormonal cycle.

For many women the “mood swings” (or different emotional states) they experience during their monthly cycle can be a real hassle. Learning to work with your moods so that you can channel your energy into the activities that are best suited to them can make your more effective and thus more productive.
In order to work effectively with your mood changes you have to first chart what they are and put them into categories.

For me there are times in my cycle when I am extremely alert, feel on top of my game and have the mental capacity of a platinum card holding Mensa member– I assume that even amongst geniuses there is a hierarchy.

Then there are times when I am extremely tearful and feel as if the whole world is doomed and nothing I do will make any difference. I become inward focussed, reflective and contemplative. Then there is what I call my lioness times. This is when I feel ruthless or as if I need to hunt for prey and devour them. Lastly there are the times when my heart feels huge and I could love everything and everyone in the world easily.

Well if you are thinking moody cow – I guess you are right .

The next step is to work out how ups and downs of your emotions can best fit in with your daily life so that you are not completely out of kilter with what is going on and you can get on with it what you need to do regardless how you feel. This is particularly true in business. Like it or not it is still a man’s world and emotions are not really given the place they should be in our lives. We are taught from a very early age to ignore how we are feeling, shut it down and get on with it.

Unfortunately this has a negative effect on us as because we are unable to release the stress that is building up as it builds up. What happens if you continually pump pressure into a tire ignoring the full gauge? Well it explodes. Learning how to release the pressure that ignoring your moods and emotions creates means that you can avoid the explosions even when they coincides with times when you are in “lioness” mode.

Rather than being at the mercy of your hormones, work with them. If you work with them you can use whatever emotional energy is prevalent to boots or added benefit to what you are doing so that you are always going with the flow as opposed to fighting against it.

Take each of your different emotional states and explore what sort of situations in life and/or business would be helped by each of your moods.

Here is how it works for me:

Starting with the sad melancholy state. Well the strength in this mood is my ability to think deeply and reflect. In other words, I am able to see into the heart of issues and also to feel empathy. So, I use this time for my monthly business progress review (something that every tycoon woman should put into their business schedule) and see if there are things that I have overlooked in my business. I take time out to be quiet and contemplate all the things that I have rushed through or over up until that point and set myself new objectives being guided by my deep inner wisdom, which seems to be more easy to access when I am in this mode.

During my Mensa state I work on my strategic planning, seek out new joint ventures and dare to risk some of the projects and decisions that I have been shying away from. It is a good time to set up those power meetings with my A list clients, prospect for new ones and follow up on all those warm leads that previously I didn’t seem to have the energy for. By using my Mensa stage in this way I feel more confident and in control because this is when my thinking as quick as lighting and therefore I am better equipped to hold my own in those conversations that require rapid calculations.

My lioness state is great for following up on unpaid bills, holding those difficult conversations with staff members and business associates that have failed to live up to their side of an agreement. It is also great for talking to bank managers. Basically any activity where I might normally feel a little intimidated. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t approach these situations with aggression. Rather I used the energy to empower me to be more assertive and clear about what I want to happen. I find that when I am in my lioness state I am less likely to be fobbed off with excuses.

So there it is – the best part is that by channelling my emotions into positive paths rather than just allowing them to overwhelm me I get the best of both worlds. I can be authentic with how I am feeling so that I am not building up my pressure gauge and I can be more effective in tasks by aligning the right energies with them.

Have you noticed what sort of moods you have during your cycle? How have you worked with them? What are your strategies for remaining effective when your mood is in a different place? I would love to read about your experiences.

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