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Tycoon women offers training, mentoring and coaching to women to enable them to have a better relationship with money and as a result increase the flow of money and wealth into their lives. Typically my clients are women who are finding it difficult to manage their money successfully. Women who no matter how hard they work or how much they earn always seem to be struggling financially; as if they and wealth live on two different planets. I work with both individuals and business owners. My programs takes as a starting point that what we think leads to what we feel, which leads to how we act which then gives us the results we experience. It is based on principles that have been successfully used within NLP and coaching.

I focus on working one-on-one with individuals to address negative perceptions and limiting beliefs about money and financial security which have pre programmed them in terms of the way they react and treat money, normally to their detriment. A significant element of my programme looks at people’s money history and focuses on how by creating money harmony and personal harmony individuals can move their blocks to wealth by changing the conditioned responses that are currently determining what they experience. There have been many studies that have shown that the difference between people who are successful at managing their finances and increasing wealth in their life and those who are not, is to do with their mindset. For example the work of Napoleon Hill in his famous book “Think and Grow Rich” as well as more contemporary individuals such as Roger Hamilton founder of Wealth Dynamics and T Harvey Eker and his Millionaire Mindset programme.

If you are someone who find it difficult to manage the flow of money in your life this could be due to holding very limiting beliefs amount what money means to you and how money operates in your life. More and more evidence is emerging to support the notion that when it comes to our financial health, how we think and feel about things is the primary determinant of the experiences we have. Therefore in order for you to be more successful and experience more wealth in your life you have to literally think yourselves rich!. I appreciate that this may sound a bit new age and touchy-feely but the evidence behind this approach is sound. My programme is based on the proven strategies used by many other world renowned (an much more expensive) practitioners in this field such Harvey Eker and Roger Hamilton who have used the same approach to worked with people from all walks of life (the mega rich to the desperately struggling) to heal their relationships with money and help them create a “millionaire mindset” approach to their finances.

What sets my programme apart however is that it focuses on the heart – the spiritual centre or soul and recognises that beyond our conscious thoughts there is also a spiritual dimension at play. Thus my approach works with not only with the emotional and psychological dimensions it also includes our spiritual connection with money as well.

Many people believe that the way to wealth is predominantly through the head but without the heart the wealth that is created is self serving rather than good for all. If you have ever questioned the ethics of how money operates in our society, if you have shied away from your capacity to experience great wealth because you felt torn between the excesses of a society with an insatiable appetite for consumption and your need for balance and giving back then my programme will show you how to live a life of abundance which is in keeping with your core values.

About Ola Agbaimoni

Known as "The Business Detective" due to her "Sherlock Holmes" like problem solving abilities, Ola works in partnership with her sister Carole Pyke, The Business Bard. Together they run Eélan Media, a new type of Business growth agency offering a forensic approach to business and a creative approach to marketing. As well as being an expert in business planning, training and development, Ola is also a certified coach, NLP practitioner; an accomplished author, speaker and presenter.

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