Tycoon Women Moments Radio Show

The End of an era

The last broadcast of Tycoon Women Moments went out live on in July 2012.

The show was a platform for women to share their life’s journey to success through 7 pivotal moments.

Every week a guest would tell their story and listeners shared their personal learning and their song choices as they openly explore how they used their  inner wealth to work through these critical moments and emerge  stronger, more confident and successful as powerful women with thinking hearts!

What guests have said about the show:

a beautiful process –Eve EarlyI didn’t realise looking back in this way would give me so much more  Andrea GrahamI’d forgotten so much it was lovely to rememberAnita McKenzie It was fun. I loved itAmber Raney-Kincade  – A must to listen to if you want to take control of your life and move toward a brighter future. –Sonia Gill  I would recommend any woman to say ‘yes’ to this experience.- Jane Hafren   I got so much out of  doing this . Ola is a wonderful host, funny, entertaining and really nice to talk to. The time just flew by I would love to do it all again – Lilach Bullock  It’s been the most enjoyable process… It’s shown me my positivity and that there is so much to be proud of that I can help other people with – Tanya Rennick

If you would like to hear the show, there are links to some of  the recordings below. More can be found within the Inspiring Women Blog category.

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The Seven moments:

1. Moments of Self-Discovery (rebirth, awakening): these are moments where you identify your higher purpose or you experience a sudden knowing of who you truly are. Often such moments are associated with spiritual awakening

2. Moments of Clarity (Perception): These moments are to do with finding your passion and/or identifying your life’s work/ purpose.

3. Moments of Action: monumental decisions and actions taken as a consequence

4. Moments of Darkest Despair: these moments are associated with tragedy, loss and grief. This is not necessarily the loss of a person; it could be the loss of an opportunity, income, status, self belief etc

5. Moments of Passion and Connection: these moments are associated with great loves, significant meaningful relationships, connecting with the people who have a significant impact on your life

6. Moments of Persistence: choosing not to give up

7. Moments of Perfect Contentment: these moments are connected to achievement, recognition, reaching goals.