Top 10 limiting beliefs about money that could be blocking the flow of wealth and abundance into your life #8

Limiting belief # 8: you need to save your money in order to become rich

Whilst living within your means and saving money is an important element of a healthy money mindset; over emphasis on saving and budgeting tips the balance between trusting in abundance and focusing on scarcity and lack.

Over emphasis on scarcity and frugality tends to be the reaction of people who have lived through difficult times. The memory of their struggle with their finances leads to them being afraid of losing what they now have and as a result they hoard everything, afraid to part with any of their possessions no matter how redundant “just in case”.

Money is an energy flow and energy flows need to keep moving or they become stagnant. Anyone who has ever smelt stagnant water will appreciate how unpleasant stagnant energy can become. The hoarding of belongings or overzealous saving in order to feel secure rather than maintaining the flow of wealth into your life, creates a dam that blocks it.

Both wealth and poverty are the result of your money mindset which creates the external circumstances you experience. Your thoughts, expectations and actions determine how much wealth and abundance you experience in your life. It is better to save from a place of abundance, respect and gratitude for the flow of resources into your life rather than from a fear of lack.

What things are you hoarding? Please share your thoughts I look forward to reading them.

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