Top 10 limiting beliefs about money that could be blocking the flow of wealth and abundance into your life #7

Limiting belief # 7: money doesn’t grow on trees

Possibly, one of the most common statements parents make to their children is the idiom “money doesn’t grow on trees”. My mum also used to say “whoever told you I am the bank of England was lying” as an alternative; I guess when she felt that the money-tree statement was getting tired and ceasing to have the desired impact. That is, to get us children to stop pestering her to buy us something which she’d rather not spend money on.

As recent arrivals to a country that promised economic opportunity which didn’t materialise, my parents were strapped for cash, working in low paying jobs trying to raise four children. My mother came from a middle-class family and was used to having her needs met and so her way of dealing with lack was to get us children to lower our expectations.

Although actual money in the form of notes and coins does not hang like fruit off the branches of trees, there is a limitless supply of money because it can be created from nothing via new ideas and inventions for goods and services.

The money doesn’t grow on trees idiom plays into the scarcity myth. The thinking goes: If money grew on trees it would be easy to come by which would mean everyone would have exactly what they required. However money doesn’t grow on trees because everyone cannot be rich and we should be contented with what we have.

But the truth is that there is more than enough wealth for everyone to have more than enough. Indeed there is more than enough wealth on the planet for everyone to become a millionaire several times over.

Scarcity is an illusion that serves the interest of a small elite at the expense of everyone who has stopped visualising money trees. By believing in scarcity, you block the flow of wealth into your life. When you filter your world through glasses of scarcity and lack you simply do not see the opportunities for creating wealth and abundance. Choose to believe in money trees again and get ready for a bumper harvest.

What would you do tomorrow if you knew money was limitless? Please share your thoughts I look forward to reading them.

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