The A-L of Highly Successful People: Part Three G-I



What’s the secret to repeated success?  This four-part series looks at the things that highly successful people do, which you can learn to do too and thereby guarantee your own success.

G= Great Goals

Successful people set great goals.  What makes a goal great?  – well when it’s SMARTER than the average goal, to misquote one of  my favourite childhood cartoon character Yogi Bear!

A SMARTER goal is:

Specific – it is stated in terms that give you all you need to know about the things to be achieved

Measurable – it includes a system of measurement that will tell you how you will know when it has been achieved

Achievable – it needs to be possible not just in terms of the normal realm of possibility but also in your mind.  If you don’t believe it is achievable your right!

Realistic – this is based on but not necessarily constrained by a good understanding of where you currently are, what norms exist in this area and your ability to transcend them.

Time related – put simply this is just a target date for achieving your goal.  When you have a commitment to a deadline it helps you focus your efforts on completing your task on or before your target date.

Exciting – how is your goal exciting to you and what makes you really want it?  Without excitement, goals can seem ominous and daunting. Setting yourself exciting goals means that you can’t wait to achieve them and so you build in perpetual motivation.

Relevant – how does your goal fit into the bigger picture of your personal life or of your company?  If your goal isn’t adding to your overall life purpose no matter how specific, measurable, attainable and timely it is; it may be doing nothing towards helping you achieve your life’s purpose or making the impact you came to make.

Setting SMARTER goals is an excellent way to insure your success because when a goal is truly important to you, you become motivated to figure out a way to attain itSMARTER goals attune your whole system to identify the necessary skills, attitudes, abilities and beliefs that will support you obtaining your goal.

H = Healthy Balance

Highly successful people know that maintaining a healthy balance in life is a sure way to ensure your success.  We often hear talk about work-life balance but many people fail to recognise the importance of ensuring that they are “successful” across all areas of their life.  Completely neglecting one dimension of your life only leads to long-term frustration and stress.  Think of your life in terms of the eight areas which represent our main areas of concern.  The typical areas are shown on the wheel of life.  Your aim should be to work on all areas so that your level of satisfaction (measured on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is completely dissatisfied and 10 is contentment) shows a balance.


I = improvements

Successful people focus on making small continuous improvements in their life.  Rather than trying to jump from the ground to the top of the tree in a giant superhero leap, successful people recognise that a slow steady climb up the tree trunk will also get them to the top.

The greatest journey starts with a single step and if you keep putting one foot in front of the other, no matter how far you are going, if there is a finite destination, you will eventually get there so long as you keep going.

To be successful it is important to focus on taking the little steps toward your goal.  Once you’ve created your smarter goal, identify the small steps that will get you there.  For example if your goal is to build a community of 30,000 loyal supporters in a year, that means you need 2500 per month, roughly 653 per week and 82 per day or about 3 an hour.  Whilst 30,000 may seem daunting, 3 people and hour is doable.  What’s more the magic happens when you realise the cumulative value of small steps makes you stronger.  Which leads to  you being able to take on bigger challenges as your initial small steps.

Next week, the conclusion, Part Four: J –L.

How about practising your G – I steps to success this week?  Write out your SMARTER goals and start working on them straight away by identifying the steps you need to take to get it done.  Select an area of your life that you feel could do with some love and attention and give it a big hug.  Keep a success journal to write down and celebrate 5 successes each day.

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