Tanya Rennick – “…there is so much to be proud of “

Tycoon Women Moments Radio Show Guest Wednesday 16th May 2012


Tanya Rennick

Tanya Rennick found of The Oyster Club

Tanya Rennick dubbed the “witch Queen of networking” by Rachel Elnaugh – the first Lady Dragon in Dragon’s den is the founder of the exclusive Oyster Club Networking group. The name says it all. Noted for bringing together the great and the good and perhaps even the bad and the ugly the Oyster club is the creme de la creme of business networking.

The highest levels of membership the Black Pearl has attracted speakers such as Dorothea Hodge (Chief advisor to the leader of the House of Lords) Rachel Elnaugh (BBC TV’s first lady dragon and founder of Red Letter Days), Mike Southon (author of The Beer Mat Entrepreneur), John Bird (founder of The Big Issue), Jonathan Aitken.and Camila Batmanghelidjh (founder of Kid’s Company).

And yet the club is more than just business networking it’s for people who need to find new ways of making new friendships and new connections and it’s taken the networking scene by storm. Described as a thought leader Tanya has gone from gangster’s moll to awesome businesswoman and her journey has been one of self-discovery and personal freedom.

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