Top 10 limiting beliefs about money that could be blocking the flow of wealth and abundance into your life #6

Muhammad Yunus Limiting belief # 6: money wields power in a negative way Whilst it is true that many people with vast fortunes also world a lot of power, true power comes from your ability to influence others with the power of your mind and the integrity of your spirit. Consequently it is possible to have power without money, but more interestingly it is also possible to have money and use it with the power of an inspirational mind to help others. An example of the former is Nelson Mandela. Imprisoned as a terrorist, Nelson Mandela served over 27 years in jail, in virtual isolation. He had no money to speak of yet on his release, he was to lead a nation from a process of healing and dismantle the apartheid system. Nelson Mandela is one of the world's most revered statesmen, … [Read more...]