Holding the vision

I like to think of all women, as Tycoon Women in the making- A Tycoon woman just to remind you is A POWERFUL WOMAN WITH A THINKING HEART; women who are in touch with their purpose, who have said yes at the deepest centre of their consciousness, yes to their passion, yes to their contribution and yes to the positive impact they can make by daring to be the best they can be. Now it is not always possible for us to hold that vision of ourselves so if you feel that being a tycoon woman is not you because right now because you don’t feel confident about who you are and what you can do – don’t worry we here at Tycoon Women will hold that vision for you. Holding a vision for someone is a powerful gift. When others can’t see their glory and their potential if we see it for them we can help … [Read more...]

The A-L of highly successfully people Part Four: J – L

What’s the secret to repeated success?  This four-part series looks at the things that highly successful people do, which you can learn to do too and thereby guarantee your own success. J = Join the Dots Have you ever done one of those dot to dot puzzles?  If you have your realise that it is so much easier if you know what the overall picture is supposed to look like.  As you join the dots you can compare the picture you are forming to the likeness of the picture you are supposed to create.  Joining the dots is about tracking progress against your target.  Highly successful people recognise that it is important not only to do the task but also to track how well they are doing against their overall “big picture” so that they can adjust and vary what they are doing in order to keep on … [Read more...]

The A-L of Highly Successful People: Part Three G-I

    What’s the secret to repeated success?  This four-part series looks at the things that highly successful people do, which you can learn to do too and thereby guarantee your own success. G= Great Goals Successful people set great goals.  What makes a goal great?  – well when it’s SMARTER than the average goal, to misquote one of  my favourite childhood cartoon character Yogi Bear! A SMARTER goal is: Specific - it is stated in terms that give you all you need to know about the things to be achieved Measurable - it includes a system of measurement that will tell you how you will know when it has been achieved Achievable – it needs to be possible not just in terms of the normal realm of possibility but also in your mind.  If you don't believe it is achievable … [Read more...]


  What’s the secret to repeated success? This four-part series looks at the things that highly successful people do, which you can learn to do too and thereby guarantee your own success. D = Done- not right! D is for getting it done not getting it right. Possibly the biggest barrier to success for many people is perfectionism. That is they set themselves very high standards and then spend a huge amount of time trying to get every detail perfect. On the plus side, a passion for excellence means that they are prepared to go the extra mile to get that extra benefit. However on the downside, getting stuck on minutiae in the belief that it's never quite good enough is immobilising. I once heard of someone who spent five years getting their website right. That was five years of … [Read more...]

Jane Hafren – “I would recommend any woman to say ‘yes’ to this experience!”

We all know that stories can serve to inspire and motivate people to action.  Ola Agbaimoni asks female entrepreneurs to tell their stories to encourage other women to fulfil their own dreams through business.  And if that seems scary, her website Tycoon Women and the coaching she offers there enable women to change their relationship with money – so that making money work for you seems possible and doable. When Ola asked me to be a guest on her radio show, on Playvybz.com I was both excited and incredibly nervous.  ‘Pick 7 tracks of music that mean a lot to you and that correspond to turning points or decision points in your life’ – to inspire other people.  Boy oh boy! I’m used to standing up on stages and delivering training courses, in fact I love doing it… and I deliver a lot of … [Read more...]

How to look good naked – discovering your authentic self

One of the primary reasons people struggle with money is because they hold negative views and values about themselves – they don’t think they deserve to have wealth and abundance in their lives. Leaning to look good naked, that is how to be your authentic self is one of the critical steps to self acceptance and to stepping into your true inheritance of limitless true wealth and abundance. When you are truly yourself, you get to completely accept who you are so you no longer have to listen to any annoying voices inside your head constantly judging and putting you down – almost all of us have them. If you can completely accept yourself it is so much easier to completely accept other people – it makes life so much easier if you can see people for who they really are. It makes you more … [Read more...]

Are you faking it or living the life you were born to live?

Are you faking it or living the life you were born to live, making the impact you were born to make? The journey to true wealth requires that you take a long hard look at the two primary relationships in your life – your relationship with money and your relationship with yourself. When you have harmony with your wealth and yourself then you are able to achieve your goals because you shift the primary blocks in your thinking that make it difficult or even prevent you achieving them. Personal harmony is achieved when you are able to recognise that your authentic self is who you are, unfettered by the labels and negative beliefs that your conditioning fools you into accepting as true. If you have ever felt like you are wrong, not good enough or unworthy; it is because you have bought … [Read more...]

How the fear of feeling is a barrier to your success

The ability to create true wealth in your life that is to live a life where you are successful wealthy and happy doing what you love requires you to take action.  However, many people do not take action because they are afraid of failing and the unpleasant feelings that normally accompany failure. Not wanting to experience failure is the mantra of the ego and actually stops you taking action, therefore it causes you to "fail".  So if what is currently stopping you taking the action towards achieving the life you know you should be living is the fear of failing;  or the fear of putting your head above the parapet  and being seen; or even if it's the fear of being ridiculed, then lets experience it! It’s a fact! You are going to "fail"!  People will ignore you.  Everyone is not going … [Read more...]

10 Principles for living life well

  Life is a journey the destination the soul. Living your life well help you stay on track - even if you stray a bit every now and then. Have you read the Ten Rules for Being Human by Cherie Carter-Scott ? They are  fabulous. Anyway it made me think what would be great advice for living your life well. So here are my 10 principles for living your life well. The picture above is a poster which you can right click and save to your computer if you would like to print the principles out .  Enjoy! A mirror will only ever show you the images already in your mind.  To discover what the real you "looks" like look inside yourself. All life's lessons first appear as tiny raindrops on windowpanes.  They become howling hurricane if you ignore them. There is only one destination; the … [Read more...]

How to make every day of your life amazing

If you are not living the life you desire, if you know that you need to make a change soon before the decision is taken out of your control; for example if you are constantly living under the threat of redundancy. If you feel that you are not making the impact that you know you can then learning to run your life like a top CEO is the answer. It takes confidence to be a CEO and accept full responsibility for the success or otherwise of your company; to lead and inspire; to make both difficult and easy decisions and to make them even when you don't have all the right information available to you. It also takes confidence to know when to take risks and when to cut out parts of the organisation that are no longer working for it. Running your life is no different; to be the CEO of You plc … [Read more...]

Not all red berries are poisonous !

Now it can’t have escaped your notice that Tuesday was Valentine’s Day.  How was it for you? Were you remembered in someone else’s heart? Over the past few years my mother has taken to either sending me valentine’s cards or ringing me up and wishing me Happy Valentine’s day. At first I thought it was sort of odd but then I guess she is seeing it in a bigger context. Instead of just being a day for lovers she is seeing it a day to celebrate relationships, which is I guess is nice as it’s more inclusive – you don’t have to feel left out just because you don’t have a romantic love interest in your life. Relationships are of course very important to us as human beings. Basically relationships fulfil our two primary needs to be loved and give love. However we all know that not all our … [Read more...]

If money was your life partner what would your relationship be like?

February is the month of love and relationships, but who is your primary relationship with?  It may come as a shock but for many people it's with money – and unfortunately it's not a healthy relationship either!  How we feel about money is a powerful driving force for our behaviour because in our community there are few if any things that we have access to without money e.g. the roof over our heads, food or being able to provide for our loved ones.  Money underlies everything we do – in the West it is hard to imagine a life without it.  The more senior amongst us may recall the television programme "The Good Life" a comedy series in the mid to late 70s about a middle-class couple who decided to try and live a life of self-sufficiency in suburbia.  Whilst the program was a highly amusing … [Read more...]

How to be the CEO of You Plc

The best way to live life on purpose and to the full  is to live in line with your values - doing what you love i.e. following your passion. Think of it as you being or becoming the CEO of your own life. That is being completely in charge, taking full responsibility of your life, everything that happens to you and everything that you do. CEOs run businesses and whether you are formally in business or not - clearly the first business to be in charge of is the business of your own life - YOU Plc. After all isn’t your life your business! Being the CEO of your own life means that you are in charge – the buck stops with you - that means you take absolute responsibility for everything that happens to you. Every day you have a choice of whether to get the results you want or to have reasons … [Read more...]

How to be the wealthiest person on earth

How wealthy are you?  When you hear that question do you automatically start tallying all your physical assets?  Are you thinking about the money you have in the bank or what your earning potential is?  Are you thinking about any property you own, your car, the contents of your home?  It is common to equate wealth to money and for many people when they think about how wealthy they are they automatically think of monetary assets. Money and the pursuit of it seemed to dominate our lives.  This is because we see money as possessing the power to provide us with everything we need physically emotionally and psychologically and even spiritually. The problems arise when our beliefs about money start to impact on our lives in a negative way. Some of the problems that people have with … [Read more...]

Powerful words that heal

Affirmations and proclamation can be useful tools in helping to change your money mindset profile and thus enable you to re write your wealth narrative and attract wealth and abundance into your life. Your wealth narrative is the story you have programmed in your mind about your relationship with money. This is what determines how wealthy you are in your life; whether you measure your wealth in financial term or in human wealth terms (human wealth describes the intangibles such as happiness, love, peace contentment etc). The difference between a proclamation and an affirmation is small and it is really a matter of emphasis. Whether you will work better with affirmations or proclamations will be dependent on your learning style and just how loud the internal dialogue in your head is. . … [Read more...]

Creating your wealth narrative

  Healing your relationship with money is the single most important step you can take to changing your financial circumstances. If you feel like you and wealth currently live on two different planets, this is your rocket ship to start your mission to boldly go where you have not gone before and seek out new planets of wealth. If you are currently programmed for lack around money, if your beliefs and values are causing you to unconsciously drive wealth from your life, here is one thing you can do immediately to break your programming, change your thoughts and feelings and so lead you to take the action that will produce the results you desire: a marvellous life of wealth and abundance. Create a wealth narrative. Your wealth narrative is your wealth story, how it unfolds is up to … [Read more...]

Your wealth and abundance mindset

Do you know that you are already rich? You probably just don't realise it yet, however, right now you have within your possession a multi-million pound asset, or indeed something money cannot buy. Most people think of their personal wealth in terms of physical money and possessions; however what if you were to take a different kind of personal audit? What if you were to value what until now you have placed little value on a.k.a. YOU. So let's start with your hands I'm assuming that you have two of them, and if by some sad chance you do not, you will have already been made very aware of their value. So how much would you say your hands are worth? Perhaps you think well not much, but if I were to offer you are £500 for one of them, would you sell me your right hand now? Possibly not. … [Read more...]

The 9 money mindsets

    The nine money mindset profiles, although described as a type of person, are really states of mind that create the characteristics of an archetype. Consequently these states of mind can be changed and along with the change in mindset comes a change in behaviour and attitude towards money. The mindset states are fluid and although some people may occupy a particular state for a long period of time, it is possible to progress through these states organically. However the majority of people who get stuck in a particular state fail to shift it without external intervention. This is because it is impossible to break free of your limiting behaviour and beliefs unless you know exactly what are the limiting behaviour and beliefs you are trying to replace. Do you spend more money than you … [Read more...]

How going to pot can make you rich

Having a good relationship with money also means learning how to manage your money effectively. I recently came across a very good budgeting system which is based on the idea of using 6 categories or pots for allocating your expenditure. The idea is to split whatever money you have coming in into different ?Pots? for different purposes. As money flows into your life, a certain percentage goes into each ?Pot? before you spend anything: The 6 pots or categories are: Necessities - 55% These are your day to day expenses and bills basically what it cost to live month to month , travel and petrol, food, toiletries and rent or mortgage payments, insurance policies , utilities the whole hog – As these are your biggest cost it’s the biggest pot and 55% of your income goes into this … [Read more...]

Top 10 limiting beliefs about money that could be blocking the flow of wealth and abundance into your life #10

Limiting belief # 10: the rich get richer and the poor get poorer A quick look at the distribution of wealth and resources in the world today would seem to reinforce this limiting belief. Over the last 10 years the gap in earnings between the top 5% and the bottom 20% has grown exponentially. We are bombarded with stories of CEOs excessive bonuses and pay awards, outstripping those of the “coalface” one hundred and forty times over. The poverty focused money mindset is learned behaviour – hence if you are surrounded by wealthy people you will adopt the behaviour patterns and mindset of wealthy people which will open your eyes to opportunities and possibilities that you will not be aware of if you grow up in a poor neighbourhood where there is high unemployment and low expectations. … [Read more...]