The Complete Guide on how to deal with overwhelm… Part 2

  ...for Tycoon Women who are still wearing the cape and trying to fly!   Last week we looked at the causes of overwhelm and how we might start to shift the limiting beliefs and patterns we have that are keeping us stuck in the belief that it is possible to do everything all the time. It’s not! And shaking those superhero tendencies takes practice. So here are the first of the suggestions to break the habit. Remember not to turn this into an overwhelming task by trying to do everything that’s suggested. Just focus on one initially – you can always come back to the list later once that one is working for you.   A simple place to start 1. Before you do anything else -take a time out! If you are feeling completely stressed and overwhelmed you won’t be able to … [Read more...]

The Complete Guide on how to deal with overwhelm …Part 1

...for Tycoon Women who are still wearing the cape and trying to fly!  My sister once told me that the only thing that she had in common with Superwoman was gender! How many of us continue to don the cape of the super hero with delusions of being able to travel faster than a speeding bullet or leap a building in a single bound? Let’s face it, the age of communication and the internet super highway, far from making things easier has simply given us so many more things to add to our lists. Everything we read is either a call for action or an idea enticing us to give it our attention. If you are looking to make significant changes in your life you are already predisposed to the bright shiny object syndrome (the tendency to keep switching your focus to the next interesting idea that grabs … [Read more...]

Holding the vision

I like to think of all women, as Tycoon Women in the making- A Tycoon woman just to remind you is A POWERFUL WOMAN WITH A THINKING HEART; women who are in touch with their purpose, who have said yes at the deepest centre of their consciousness, yes to their passion, yes to their contribution and yes to the positive impact they can make by daring to be the best they can be. Now it is not always possible for us to hold that vision of ourselves so if you feel that being a tycoon woman is not you because right now because you don’t feel confident about who you are and what you can do – don’t worry we here at Tycoon Women will hold that vision for you. Holding a vision for someone is a powerful gift. When others can’t see their glory and their potential if we see it for them we can help … [Read more...]