Work With Ola

Why work with me? 

If you put the word “coach”, mentor or “life coach” into the Google search engine you will get hundreds of thousands of pages – so what makes me different, why work with me? 

First off this isn’t about me, it’s about you and what you need to succeed!  If you are looking for someone who is open, approachable and able to listen without judging.  Who is able to provide real guidance in a way that allows you to hear, understand and take the appropriate action; then I’m your person.  My clients tell me that my approach is unique in that it is designed to give them only what works for them. 

Here are the words of some of my clients – for some their privacy is important to them, so names have been omitted.

Ola is really an amazing coach and I don’t say that lightly.  I was going through a particular rough time and I was really conflicted about the decision I had to make.  Ola helped me to work through my options and I felt so supported all the time.  I was on the verge of tearing my life apart because I could not see another option.  Ola helped me to see that I did have options and choices.  I think it’s true to say she saved my life.  Now I am confident about the future, something I could not have said a few months ago.  BA Start-up entrepreneur

The work Ola does around money really helped me.  I always struggled with money and working with Ola helped me to see that it was my conditioning and beliefs about money that were causing the problem.  Once I realise that I was chasing money out of my life because I didn’t believe I deserved it, things started to change.  I am now in control of my finances and better than that I am actually happier and feel more content than I’ve felt in years. CH Owner of a Social media and Marketing Company

Running the business took up all my time and I think I forgot to enjoy my life some time ago.  I felt trapped by my business and the choices I’d made.  Thanks to Ola I’ve changed the way I do business. I now have more free time, whilst making more money.  I feel like I am well on the way to the financial freedom I always dreamed of. SL Owner of a small Graphic Design Company

I was lucky enough to win a coaching session with Ola Agbaimoni from Tycoon women. I am at a cross roads in my life and I was struggling with getting clear on which direction to take and how to make sure what I did next was work I could really enjoy. I was looking for a way to making enough money to live from my passion. Ola helped me re connect to what is important to me and identify my passion and values in a way that made it clear what I was looking for and how I could use what I love to contribute the wider community. It was a real step forward for me and I have the clarity I’ve been seeking for a long time. BM Local Government worker

My business had not been doing well for some time.  I found it difficult to focus or do what I should be doing.  I had ideas but I didn’t know where to start.  It was not easy working with Ola because I had to be really honest with myself.  Did I want the results or was I going to stick with my reasons – even if they were good ones.  That’s what Ola would ask me in my sessions.  I realise that what was standing in my way was me.  Ola helped me to work out step-by-step what I needed to do. As a result my business has turned around.  I went out and got the deals I had convinced myself I couldn’t get and thanks to Ola I now focus on my best customers rather than wasting time on the ones that were hard work and did not buy much.  I didn’t realise that working on me was just as important or is working on my business. LW Cosmetics Manufacturer

If you need support to create the life you truly want to live, then let’s talk.  Everything starts with a conversation and you can do that at no cost or obligation to take up my services. Please use the links below to send me a message or schedule a time to talk.

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