How to look good naked – discovering your authentic self

One of the primary reasons people struggle with money is because they hold negative views and values about themselves – they don’t think they deserve to have wealth and abundance in their lives. Leaning to look good naked, that is how to be your authentic self is one of the critical steps to self acceptance and to stepping into your true inheritance of limitless true wealth and abundance. When you are truly yourself, you get to completely accept who you are so you no longer have to listen to any annoying voices inside your head constantly judging and putting you down – almost all of us have them. If you can completely accept yourself it is so much easier to completely accept other people – it makes life so much easier if you can see people for who they really are. It makes you more … [Read more...]

Hackers ate my website !

  A lot has happened to me over the past two weeks. Hackers ate my Website and I had my meltdown hissy- fit with the universe. I decided to be both the sole guest and guest of honour at a particularly spectacular pity party .  Yes my site was hacked and you probably noticed because it was off line for almost 10 days.Initially there was a very unhelpful message from my hosting company Justhost (and I can think of a number of words to substitute "host" for that better reflect my feelings for them at the moment)  which said ACCOUNT SUSPENDED!  Then it was scrambled and uneditable, which meant I couldn't update or post any new material. Sorry if you tried to access it and got the dreaded error page.   It happened at a time when I was at a low ebb and I must … [Read more...]

Are you faking it or living the life you were born to live?

Are you faking it or living the life you were born to live, making the impact you were born to make? The journey to true wealth requires that you take a long hard look at the two primary relationships in your life – your relationship with money and your relationship with yourself. When you have harmony with your wealth and yourself then you are able to achieve your goals because you shift the primary blocks in your thinking that make it difficult or even prevent you achieving them. Personal harmony is achieved when you are able to recognise that your authentic self is who you are, unfettered by the labels and negative beliefs that your conditioning fools you into accepting as true. If you have ever felt like you are wrong, not good enough or unworthy; it is because you have bought … [Read more...]

How to make every day of your life amazing

If you are not living the life you desire, if you know that you need to make a change soon before the decision is taken out of your control; for example if you are constantly living under the threat of redundancy. If you feel that you are not making the impact that you know you can then learning to run your life like a top CEO is the answer. It takes confidence to be a CEO and accept full responsibility for the success or otherwise of your company; to lead and inspire; to make both difficult and easy decisions and to make them even when you don't have all the right information available to you. It also takes confidence to know when to take risks and when to cut out parts of the organisation that are no longer working for it. Running your life is no different; to be the CEO of You plc … [Read more...]

Not all red berries are poisonous !

Now it can’t have escaped your notice that Tuesday was Valentine’s Day.  How was it for you? Were you remembered in someone else’s heart? Over the past few years my mother has taken to either sending me valentine’s cards or ringing me up and wishing me Happy Valentine’s day. At first I thought it was sort of odd but then I guess she is seeing it in a bigger context. Instead of just being a day for lovers she is seeing it a day to celebrate relationships, which is I guess is nice as it’s more inclusive – you don’t have to feel left out just because you don’t have a romantic love interest in your life. Relationships are of course very important to us as human beings. Basically relationships fulfil our two primary needs to be loved and give love. However we all know that not all our … [Read more...]

How to be the CEO of You Plc

The best way to live life on purpose and to the full  is to live in line with your values - doing what you love i.e. following your passion. Think of it as you being or becoming the CEO of your own life. That is being completely in charge, taking full responsibility of your life, everything that happens to you and everything that you do. CEOs run businesses and whether you are formally in business or not - clearly the first business to be in charge of is the business of your own life - YOU Plc. After all isn’t your life your business! Being the CEO of your own life means that you are in charge – the buck stops with you - that means you take absolute responsibility for everything that happens to you. Every day you have a choice of whether to get the results you want or to have reasons … [Read more...]

Powerful words that heal

Affirmations and proclamation can be useful tools in helping to change your money mindset profile and thus enable you to re write your wealth narrative and attract wealth and abundance into your life. Your wealth narrative is the story you have programmed in your mind about your relationship with money. This is what determines how wealthy you are in your life; whether you measure your wealth in financial term or in human wealth terms (human wealth describes the intangibles such as happiness, love, peace contentment etc). The difference between a proclamation and an affirmation is small and it is really a matter of emphasis. Whether you will work better with affirmations or proclamations will be dependent on your learning style and just how loud the internal dialogue in your head is. . … [Read more...]

Getting Clear

There’s a song that goes "on a clear day you can see forever" when things are clear it is possible to see what you want, where you are going and even where you have been. Being able to clearly see your future life of wealth and abundance is an important step in the process of healing your relationship with money and thus being able to both create and attract true wealth into your life. True wealth is a combination of tangible assets (things normally associated with the idea of being wealthy in the world, i.e., money, property investments etc) and human wealth the intangibles that we value and often think of as priceless, (i.e., health, relationships, spiritual connection, happiness etc.) Many people do not get to live a life full of true wealth and abundance because they are not clear … [Read more...]

Time for you to receive

Increasing the flow of true wealth and money in your life starts with having a mindset of abundance. However, there is little point in striving to cultivate an abundance mindset if you are unable to fully receive, i.e. to allow life to shower its richest gifts upon you. The other day I was speaking at an event as a favour to a friend. The event came with a very nice but pricey network lunch and my friend, generously, offered to buy lunch for me. Instead of just receiving her gift, I said it was OK and that I would pay for my lunch myself. All sorts of equations were going through my head at the time, not least that I was concerned for her finances as I know times have been difficult for her lately. However, on reflection, I had to question why it was that I wasn't just able to receive … [Read more...]

The true value of real wealth

What is real wealth? Many people are fixated on the idea that wealth is money, i.e. the more money you have the wealthier you are. They then go one step further and conclude that the wealthier you are the happier you will be. The equation becomes: Money = wealth = happiness. Do you subscribe to this view? If you do, it is hardly surprising. We live in a community where everything is given a price. If you don't believe me, listen to the rhetoric of our politicians. It is a constant dialogue of cutting expenditure on services that benefit those with the least and policies that reward and encourage those with the most to hang onto it. Every day we receive messages from our environment that reinforce the idea that money = wealth and wealth = happiness. Paradoxically we also receive the … [Read more...]