Build Your Wealth from the Inside Out

At Last a super easy AFFORDABLE programme guaranteed to build your wealth from the INSIDE OUT

30 day programme to remove your blocks to wealth and help you become a true wealth magnet!

plus Discover how to use your untapped inner wisdom as your guide to your success

Did you know…

Dis-harmony DRIVES OUT  passion and wealth from your life!?

Do you

  • wake up feeling dissatisfied with the life you are living
  • feel trapped by the fear of losing the stable income you’ve worked so hard to get
  • feel disillusioned with your career even though you once thought this is what you wanted
  • feel stressed because you don’t enjoy your work or the environment you work in
  • feel overworked and unrewarded because the job never seems to be done and your hard work goes unnoticed
  • feel unclear about what to do next but clear it is not this!

Worse still …

  • is money is a struggle –like you never seem to have enough money no matter how hard you work, as if you and wealth live on two different planets
  • you know that you should be managing your money better but don’t know how to
  • you are always seeking thrills from retail therapy – looking for the next expensive thing to buy to make you feel better
  • or you deny yourself even the smallest treat because you feel you don’t deserve it
  • You’ve put your dreams and life on hold until the money comes in

If this is you then YOU are experiencing disharmony in your life!


Disharmony leads to…

    • stress
    • feeling unfulfilled
    • not reaching your potential
    • not making the impact you are here to make
    • destructive behaviours e.g. over eating, body preoccupation, workaholicism ,
    • emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical poverty!

Yes poverty!

Disharmony makes you POOR on every level!


There is a solution! 

Create HARMONY in your life by “healing” the two primary relationships that determine the life you live.

Your relationship with money and your relationship with yourself.

“Healing” your relationship with money and your relationship with yourself creates money harmony and personal harmony.


 When you have money harmony and personal harmony you can…

  • set clear goals
  • know what you want and automatically start to take the actions you need to achieve it
  • live life on purpose
  • reconnect to your passion and have direction, motivation and joy in your life continuously
  • improve all your relationships
  • reduce or even eliminate stress and destructive behaviours
  • be more successful and happy doing what you love
  • start to attract wealth and abundance in your life like bees to a honey pot

What if there was a way for you to have all these benefits… to create harmony in your life easily and simply… as easy as a turn of the card?


Well the good new is there is!

Revealed:  a proven and simple programme to “heal” your relationship with money and your relationship with yourself.


Not 1 BUT 2 unique Home Study Box-sets

The Seven Moments Box- set

The Seven Moments Box-set


Based on the successful radio show, Tycoon Women Moments

The Seven Moments Box-set provide a simple yet effective way to:

  1. Be happy and confident about who you are
  2. Value your skills and be confident about promoting them
  3. Tap into your inner wisdom so you can use all your knowledge to your best advantage
  4. Build on the experiences that your life has to offer you and apply it forward
  5. Be clear about what you want and why

In your box set you will get

  • The seven moment cards; beautifully designed cards that represent each of the moments
  • An inner reflections relaxation  CD to create the mood and mindset to do this work
  • A manual to guide you through the process


  • How to discover your inner wisdom
  • The 13 secrets to personal effectiveness
  • The power of your authentic self and how to fully embrace the real you

Here’s what people are saying about the process:

The process allowed me to take my inner wisdom and apply it to the rest of my life.  I was able to revisit moments that were profound and even painful at the time with new clarity and from a different perspectiveLynne Sedgmore CBE
After doing my moments I was surprised how much clearer I felt. It was as if I had flushed out some things that were blocked inside me. Andrea Graham
I loved choosing the music.  There were so many songs I could have chosen but when I finally settled on the ones I did choose, I was so clear why and what meaning they had for me.  It was very healing. Jan Owbridge
A must … if you want to take control of your life and move toward a brighter future. – Sonia Gill

It was a thoroughly enjoyable process, everyone should do it! Lilach Bullock

This truly insightful and cathartic process is a journey back through your life reconnecting to the pivotal moments that have defined your life so far. Learn how to embrace your wisdom and celebrate your successes, then  take your insights into the future and create even more success.


The perfect companion to The Seven Moments Box-set is …


The Wealth-Well-being Box-set


This easy to follow program will:

  1. Assist you in reprogramming yourself for limitless wealth and abundance
  2. Help you understand how your thoughts and feelings are blocking your ability to create wealth and abundance in your life
  3. Show you how to ensure your money mindset profile is set for success
  4. Give you easy to follow steps for removing your blocks to wealth
  5. Show you how to magnify and multiply your currency of wealth

In your box set you will get

  • 46 beautifully illustrated Wealth Well-being cards showing the blockages and positive pathways to wealth.
  • An inner reflections relaxation CD to create the mood and mindset to accelerate your learning
  • A manual to guide you through the process, including a full description of each of the blockages and positive pathways and how to work with them


  • How to change your inner world
  • To manage limiting beliefs and negative feelings that drive out wealth from your life
  • To apply the real power of the law of attraction to create your money “honey pot”

What people are saying about the Wealth Well-being process

Thanks … I really enjoyed it and found a couple more good insights into the money stuff. When I committed to clearing up my own money issues, after having been working in the personal/spiritual development field for years I found I was still in a lot of resistance. This stuff runs very deep and hooks into our primal survival fears so it throws up terror that gets displaced onto anything that doesn’t seem to be going ‘right’… [you] gave me some additional perspective on this, so thank you again. Alkazar

When I started the process I felt confused and slightly overwhelmed by everything I was going through. I think I was approaching burnout.. I realised I was trying to dampen my natural strengths and that I wasn’t being true to myself. Exhausted mentally and not focused on what I really wanted to do. I did not realise my confidence was as low as it was. On reflection I can see that I wasn’t putting myself first at all. The process helped me challenge my beliefs about money and helped me develop a money mindset based on abundance. It has given me what I need to get to the next level in how I think about money and to follow my passion. Y. T. FE College Director

I have always struggled to get clarity on what my goals are … I have been able to connect more closely with what is important to me and find some really effective ways of achieving what I really want to do both in my business and personal life. C. H. Business owner

This is a really simple and easy process. I found it so relaxing and I look forward to doing it every day. When the program was over I felt that I had really shifted something. I’m not even sure how it works, I just know that I’m much better at managing my money and I feel a lot happier and better about myself now. I used to go out and buy myself treats when I felt down, now I just turn over two cards one to see what’sblocking me and another to see how to shift it.  J. S. NHS professional

When Ola asked me to try the program as a favour to her I was very sceptical but I did it anyway because she’s a good friend. I was amazed at just how good it was. It easy to follow but like anything the more you put in to it the more you get out. I hadn’t realised just how powerful my money mindset is in determining how I experience my life. I had gotten very negative about my finances and was living life with the pause button on. Choosing a different block to work with each day meant that I had to deal with things. I feel like a genie let out of the bottle, like I’ve been given a new lease of life -I only wish I’d tried it sooner. Thank you OlaB.I.A Teacher


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