Personal Development

Why Personal development?

Becoming an expert in any area of life requires a plan to acquire the right knowledge and skills. Consequently in order to become a successful entrepreneur you need to devote a proportion of your time to not only learning about the practicalities of running a business but also developing yourself. That is, developing the parts of you that tell you who you are in any given situation. 

This involves developing skills such as:

  • emotional intelligence,
  • leadership,
  • communication,
  • negotiating ,
  • public speaking and presenting,
  • managing your mental attitude

Improving your skills in these and other areas will give you the ability to stay grounded, that is secure in your belief in yourself , that you are doing the right thing and that you are not a failure! When we embark on a new venture it is easy to become overwhelmed by negative self-talk. So much of our learning takes place through mistakes – there is no failure only feedback – so unless we have a high degree of self confidence, we run the risk of losing heart early in our journey and simply giving up. Becoming a Tycoon Woman means being able to work outside your comfort zones and developing your internal skills will give you the ability to do this more of the time.

Personal development normally receives a “Marmite” response; People either love it or are convinced of its benefits or they hate it an believe it is at best a waste of time and at worse self indulgent pandering.

So If you are yet to be convinced of the benefits of personal development to your future success as a Tycoon Woman, here are just a few reasons why an effective personal development plan is a must have in your strategy to become a successful entrepreneur:


1) Personal Development helps you learn from your mistakes. As mentioned earlier, so much of our learning arises from making mistakes. The well known story of how Edison invented the electric light bulb is a classic example of how learning from our mistakes rather than seeing them as failures can propel us to unimaginable heights. [For those unfamiliar with the story apparently Edison created 1000s of prototypes, none of which worked. Rather than being put off after each failed attempted, he would simply say to his critics “ that just one more way I know that it won’t work” and move on] Focusing on learning and growing as a person means that you are more likely to adopt Edison’s attitude rather than allowing negative self talk to see your mistakes as failures.

2) Personal Development helps you to become wealthy. Although the wealth you experience may not necessarily be expressed in pure monetary terms, when you are passionate about improving yourself, which includes improving how you relate and connect to other people, you become more contented and more at peace with yourself. In other words you consider yourself richly blessed with what you do have.

3) Personal Development helps improve all your relationships. Having a deep sense of who you are and how to handle your emotional, intellectual and spiritual dimensions gives you a greater sense of awareness of how you relate to others people in your life. Many personal development programmes also focus on how to build rapport; i.e. meaningful connections with people, by understanding how we communicate messages intentionally and unintentionally. When you learn how to handle yourself and improve the way you communicate you will develop better relationships in your life. From family and friends to business associates, through your personal development you will acquire the skills to handle unexpected problems and cultivate positive, healthy relationships with others.

4) Personal Development will enable you to live an overall healthier life. By learning more about all aspects of your emotional, intellectual and spiritual self you will become more self assured and more confident, which will lead you to start caring more about yourself in every way. Consequently you’ll have a greater desire to eat healthier, quash bad habits, and take better care of yourself, thus enabling you to lead a healthier and more productive life.

There are many resources in the form of home study courses, training programmes, books, and personal coaches available both in the real world and in cyber space. To get the most out of your personal development you should create a personal development plan (PDP). This will help keep you on tract and focussed by including targets for what you want to achieve and by when.  On this website you will find some advice on how to put your PDP together and other resources to assist with your personal development.

Image: Thoughtful Woman by Louisa Stokes


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