Blueprint for wealth coaching program

Blueprint for wealth coaching program

This is your opportunity to work directly and personally with Ola for the next 3 or 6 months so that you can get really clear about what you want and really certain about the actions you need to take to achieve the results you desire:


A special program for women who are struggling with money

If you find it difficult to manage the flow of money in your life this could be because you’ve got limiting beliefs about what money means to you and how money operates in your life. In other words your relationship with money … well sucks. If money was a person and you were married to it, right now you’d be heading for the divorce courts.

If you feel like no matter how hard you work or how much you earn you always seem to be struggling financially; as if you and wealth live on two different planets, luckily help is at hand.

Work directly with me  for up to 6 months either by phone, video or in person and change your financial life forever.  Imagine what it would be like to never have to worry about money again.

At One Woman Brand we also offer training, mentoring and coaching to enable people to have a better relationship with money and as a result increase the flow of money and wealth into their lives. Open to both individuals and business owners. The programs take as a starting point the concept that what we think leads to what we feel, which leads to how we act which then gives us the results we experience. So if you currently think:

  • getting rich is hard work or difficult,
  • that you aren’t good enough to be truly wealthy or
  • because you weren’t born rich you won’t ever be  –

then  in the words of Henry Ford  “whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right”.

Based on proven principles in the area of personal development and financial wellbeing this specific coaching and mentoring programs focus on working one-2-one with individuals to address negative perceptions and limiting beliefs about money and financial security. Together we will unravel your  money history and unlearn your conditioned responses that are currently blocking your access to wealth and putting an artificial limit on how rich you can become.

In order for you to be more successful and experience more wealth in your life you have to literally think yourself rich!

What sets the One Woman Brand program apart, however, is that it also focuses on the heart – the spiritual centre or soul and recognises that beyond our conscious thoughts there is also a spiritual dimension at play. Thus our approach works  not only with the emotional and psychological dimensions it also includes  the spiritual connection to money as well.

Whilst the way to wealth is predominantly through the head, without the heart the wealth that is created is self serving rather than good for all. If you have ever questioned the ethics of how money operates in our society, if you have shied away from your capacity to experience great wealth because you felt torn between the excesses of a society with an insatiable appetite for consumption and your need for balance and giving back then this programme I will show you how to live a life of abundance which is in keeping with your core values.

NOW is the time for your to start building your wealth from the inside out!

Whilst everyone has the capacity to change their minset and relationship with money, no matter how bad it has become, this specialist program will not suite everyone as it requires 100% commitment.  

This program is only for people who are ready and really committed to change. To ensure you are a candidate for the Blueprint for wealth program and that it will best serve you I offer a free no obligation taster session.


Please book your free no obligation taster session below: 

Simply send me a message or request an time to talk to begin the process.

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Please hurry to request your free session as there are only 10 session available per month