Network Marketing: A Business Where Women Excel

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For many women who have either dabbled in network marketing, via cosmetics or household containers and cleaners, or been collard by desperate ‘friends’ trying to get them to buy a product or join a MLM scheme, the idea of network marketing as a sound business proposition with the capacity to make them wealthy is pretty farfetched. However, Network marketing has helped people all over the world achieve financial independence—and it can help you do the same. . If you want to improve your current financial situation and are ready to become your own boss, then networking marketing is an excellent way to go. Kim Kiyosaki , a successful businesswomen and accomplished author (who is married to Robert Kiyosaki, famous for his  leading Rich Dad Poor Dad series of books on wealth creation) makes the case that Network Marketing is a particularly good fit for women.


Kim is a big believer in network marketing as an ideal business opportunity for women. I have taken the following extract from “The Business of the 21st Century”. This is what Kim says about network marketing.


“When you look at the basic statistical profile of the network marketing community, one of the first things you notice is also one of the most remarkable: It is populated by more than four times as many women as men.


The supporting, coaching, nurturing relationship of a network-marketing sponsor to her growing network of apprentice networkers is the kind of relationship and interaction in which women excel.

Why? Historically, one reason is that many households have started their network marketing businesses as part-time ventures, and for families where the man is the primary breadwinner, that has often meant it was the woman who engaged in the part-time, stay at home business.


A parallel factor is the fact that it is a home based business, which means that building a network marketing business is uniquely comparable with the demands of raising a family.


But I think it goes beyond these practical and historical circumstances.


Network marketing is, at its core a relationship business, it’s not a business that revolves around making sales; it is a business that revolves around teaching and mentoring. The actual day-to-day work of building a network is less like carving out a sales territory than it is like building a community.


Of course, none of this means that men can’t be successful in network marketing too. There are millions of men who are proving that every day. But the bottom line of the business is simply this. It is a business model where women excel.


And that is a good thing too, because today’s women really need to learn to build their own wealth. We know that we lead very different lives to our mothers did, but you may be surprised at just how different. Here are six reasons why women need to get into this game called wealth building.


  • 47% of women over the age of 50 are single; in other words they are financially responsible for themselves.
  • Women’s retirement income is less than that of men because as the primary caretaker of the home, a woman is away from the work force an average of 14.7 years, as compared to 1.6 years for men. Add this fact to the lower salaries women still receive, and you have retirement benefits that are only about one-quarter those of men.
  • Women are expected to live an average of seven to ten years longer than men, which means they must provide for those extra years. However, married women who are baby boomers can expect to outlive their husbands by fifteen to twenty years on average.
  • Of the elderly living in poverty, three out of four are women.
  • Approximately seven out of ten women will at some time live in poverty.


I hear women all the time say they are too busy to get involved in a part-time home-based business. I tell them. “Here’s the key to making your business successful: You have to look at your life, really look at it, and ask yourself. “What is it that is so meaningful to me that I have to have it in my life?”


What is important enough to you that you’ll make the time and devote the effort to building a business that generates its own income, and then use that income to build wealth that will take care of you for the rest of your life? Because if you don’t identify what that is, it’s just not going to happen.


Freedom is different for everyone; success is different for everyone. It’s personal, and it should be personal. Numbers are abstract; whether its five thousand pounds or one million pounds, it doesn’t really mean anything until you give it the meaning it has in your life.


You have to go out there and make things happen. And the only way you are going to do that is if you know what is really, truly important to you, and you realise that the only way you are going to have that is to create it yourself.”


Kim’s message here is spot on. The world of work has changed forever and we need to have an open mind to the opportunities that are out there. Network marketing has come of age; companies have got their acts together and are providing excellent quality products and a real residual income business opportunity. Network marketing is now seen as one of the major business opportunities of the 21st Century.


Article by Peter Ragg  – Network Marketing Expert


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