Kathryn Clinkscales-Reynolds – “I got to see I can be nutty”

Tycoon Women Moments Radio Show Guest Wednesday 13th June 2012


Kathryn Clinkscales-ReynoldsSex, drugs or rock and roll should have stopped Kathryn Clinkscales-Reynolds from getting as far as she has. This almost 50 year old ex New Yorker had plenty of – let’s call them distractions. But instead they seems to have given her the know how to survive.

A former production manager for the innovative circus Cirque du Soleil in New York, Kathryn came to London in 1992, turned down the job as the production manager for the Titanic (yes that film!) and amongst other things was the assistant stylist for Playboy magazine before following her passion and training as a healer and massage therapist. In 2003 she was ordained as an Interfaith Minister and spiritual counsellor. Her favourite claim to fame is being introduced to Queen Elizabeth II in one of her treatment rooms; incidentally, they both wore green and purple.

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