How to make every day of your life amazing

If you are not living the life you desire, if you know that you need to make a change soon before the decision is taken out of your control; for example if you are constantly living under the threat of redundancy. If you feel that you are not making the impact that you know you can then learning to run your life like a top CEO is the answer.

It takes confidence to be a CEO and accept full responsibility for the success or otherwise of your company; to lead and inspire; to make both difficult and easy decisions and to make them even when you don’t have all the right information available to you. It also takes confidence to know when to take risks and when to cut out parts of the organisation that are no longer working for it. Running your life is no different; to be the CEO of You plc (personal life Corporation) requires unshakeable confidence in your abilities and the courage to take action.

So how do you cultivate the sort of confidence and courage required to run your life like a top CEO? Everything I’ve ever read about successful people, about personal development plus my own experience as a top manager in a large organisation; building a running highly effective and successful teams as well as coaching and mentoring individuals and teams to achieve exceptional results,  all leads to the same conclusion: it’s about your mindset. Your mindset is a function of your conditioning and together they create the world  you choose to see and therefore the world you experience. It also creates the money mindset profile that you have adopted and this more than anything determines the amount of true wealth you are able to create; determines whether you are able to visualise your success and therefore confidently go for it or not.

the comfort zone

Your conditioned mind is where you feel comfortable, however,  stepping out of your comfort zone into the space where things may appear frightening and different at first;  is where the magic happens.  Your  conditioned mind is also a volume control for the voices in your head and you are constantly being given a choice. That is whether you choose to stay with your current thought patterns  and allow them to turn up the volume of the voice that is always putting you down. The one that looks for reasons to stop you taking action; that questions your every thought and measures you up against some invisible yardstick.  You know, the one where  no matter how hard you try, you never quite reached the mark!

Or you choose to turn this volume right down and look for the positive, celebrate every achievement and even though you may be scared, you amplify the other voice in your head, the one  which is encouraging you and telling you that you can do it.

A while back I heard a particularly good speaker liken these voices to the Smeagol / Gollum character in the Lord of the Rings. (Smeagol was the scared, distrusting side of Gollum who was convinced that nothing good would be in it for him if he let go of what he had always clung to). We often think of the voices in our heads as separate from us, but the truth is that they are just us having an argument with ourselves. It’s the least confident you, the one that would rather be the supervisor, making sure that things run smoothly and that you keep doing what you’ve always done; verses the CEO who is willing to explore new territory in the knowledge that growth and expansion come from thinking outside the box.

So how can you change your mindset to one that is more confident and positive? Something that has worked for me and when I’ve used with clients has had amazing  results has been to focus on gratitude. Actively seeking out things in your life to appreciate and celebrate. The only way to shift old patterns of thinking is to practice new ones so here’s my top tips for remembering to be grateful. I call it my A – F of gratitude with attitude. Here’s how it works:

  1. At the beginning of each day say to yourself : “Thank you for an AMAZING BRILLIANT CHARMING DELICIOUS EXCEPTIONAL FABULOUS day”.  Say it out loud to the universe whilst placing your hands on your chest where your heart is (slightly left of the middle of your ribs) so that you can feel the sound vibrating within your body. Although it sounds like a prayer, you don’t have to be religious or of any particular spiritual tradition to be thankful. Simply thank whoever or whatever you connect to; be it God, Allah, Jehovah, Jesus, Krishna, Gaia or simply the open heartedness of humanity.
    Making this statement is a leap of faith and requires you to trust that this will be the day you experience and saying it out loud sends a powerful message to your subconscious which sets it on a hunt-and-go- seek mission to identify all the things that will create an amazing, brilliant, charming, delicious, exceptional, fabulous day for you.
  2. At the end of the day repeat the same statement and then identify one thing that was part of your day which fits each of the adjectives in your declaration. So for example:
      1.  Today I met an AMAZING woman who can put me in contact with some really great people for joint ventures.
      2. The smile that man gave me, as he held open the door, was so BRILLIANT it lit up my heart
      3. How CHARMING it was that my family really appreciated the meal I cooked for them
      4. Sitting in my garden, taking in the seasonal colours and feeling the sun on my face was DELICIOUS
      5.  Helping my son with his homework and he actually enjoyed doing it: EXCEPTIONAL
      6. Clearing over 200 e-mails out of my inbox felt absolutely FABULOUS

It is even more effective if you write them down because not only will it reinforce this new way of thinking;  you will  also have a record that you can enjoy re reading when you’ve calmed down after one of  those ” Darth Vader” moments/days (You know when you succumb to the dark side and let rip – let’s not pretend they don’t happen).

When you allow your conditioned mind to to become focused on things that are going “wrong” rather than celebrating what has gone right you fail to notice the progress you are making each day and if you’ve set your intention to be the CEO of your life you will be making progress. This exercise will help  you create and maintain your positive mindset by turning down the voice of your Smeagol.  Having a positive mindset is a “must have” because it will be what reminds you that, no matter what life brings, there will either be some good in it or you will have the resources to deal with it.

What do you think? How often do you remember to appreciate the things in your life?  Do you have your own way of managing your mindset?  Are you leaving your wealth on the table because of the way you think ?  Please do leave a comment and share:)

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