How to look good naked – discovering your authentic self

One of the primary reasons people struggle with money is because they hold negative views and values about themselves – they don’t think they deserve to have wealth and abundance in their lives. Leaning to look good naked, that is how to be your authentic self is one of the critical steps to self acceptance and to stepping into your true inheritance of limitless true wealth and abundance.

When you are truly yourself, you get to completely accept who you are so you no longer have to listen to any annoying voices inside your head constantly judging and putting you down – almost all of us have them.

If you can completely accept yourself it is so much easier to completely accept other people – it makes life so much easier if you can see people for who they really are. It makes you more open and approachable and people are attracted to open and approachable people, great for being more effective in both your personal and professional life

When you truly know and accept yourself you get to connect with your higher self and as a result it is easy to get in tune with why you are really here – your higher purpose the difference you have come to make. Living on purpose, following your passion makes it easy to focus and achieve what it is that will give you an amazing life of wealth and abundance. Napoleon Hill the great personal development and motivational speak said follow your passion not the money, if you follow your passion everything else you desire including money shows up naturally. “Passion is the key to wealth”.

The 3 basic steps to learning to looking good naked and accepting who you truly are, are:

Awareness, Understanding, Undressing (action)

The things we use to hide who we truly are like garments we put on to protect ourselves:

Some people wear a body warmer of unworthiness. These give the wearer a false sense of safety and comfort, just like body warmers that expose your arms to the elements.

People often wear underwear of not good enough. This is worn close to the skin. It protects your most intimate parts, your deep hurts that you don’t want anyone to see.

Another common item is shoes of discontent? The feeling of never being satisfied with your life or yourself, just like wearing slightly tight pinching shoes.

By far the most damaging item people wear is a hat of invisibility. They want to hide their feelings and true self in case they are ridiculed. These people resort to keeping quite because they don’t want to get shot down for their view or they pretended not to be hurt the things that in reality wound them to their core.

What makes hats of invisibility so damaging is that they come with one of those deep blue or black velvet drawstring bags; the sort that jewellers put precious stones in. People use these bags to protect their hearts from these knocks and pain that life throws out . Unfortunately, these bags work both ways – they also kept everyone one else out.

Use the following 12 questions to help trigger your awareness of the issue or issues that are blocking you. Allow yourself to answer them honestly and without judgment as this will further your understanding and assist you in identify what actions you can take to make positive changes in your life.

1. When and where do you wear these clothes?

2. Which garment do you wear most?

3. Who do you wear it with?

4. What does wearing it enable you to do?

5. What does wearing it enable you to say?

6. Who else is wearing this too?

7. Who would you be if you took it off?

8. What would need to happen in these circumstances in order for you to take it off?

9. What would you gain if you took it off?

10. What would you lose if you took it off?

11. Can you think of one positive, supportive reason to continue to where it?

12. What could you wear instead?


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