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How to achieving and sustain a healthy well balanced life has long been the concern of great thinkers throughout the ages – from Aristotle to modern day well being gurus such as Louise Hay.

Good health and well being are priceless. If you suffer from poor health it makes everyday tasks twice, if not ten times more difficult. Good health is a commodity that money cannot buy. Granted you can make your life more comfortable if you have sufficient money however, it is far better to consciously and actively take steps to keep yourself in good health rather than to use your hard earned wealth to put “sticking plasters” on your health afterwards.

One of the first things to get neglected when we are obsessively working towards achieving something, be it a qualification a promotion, setting up a new business or growing an existing one, is our health, quickly followed by our appearance and relationships, consequently our well being suffers.

It is important to look after your body, as Jim Rohn said “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”

It is also important to give attention to the other aspects of our well being such as our mental state and our sense of vitality.

Our well being is comprised of both individual and community factors. As individuals we require:

  • a sense of individual vitality
  • to be able to partake in activities that are meaningful, engaging, and which generate feelings of competence and autonomy
  • resilience and drive so that you are able to  cope when things go wrong and are able to positively embrace change whilst being able to accept and come to terms with things that are outside your control.

It is also crucial that we feel a sense of connection or relatedness to other people. Our well being is also affected by having supportive relationships and a sense of belonging or being part of a wider group.

A healthy lifestyle and high levels of well-being mean that we are better equipped to respond to difficult circumstances, to innovate and constructively engage with other people and the world around us.

As well as being an extremely effective and efficient way of bringing about good outcomes in many different areas of our lives, because of its overall benefits to humanity, achieving a true sense of well being can be regarded as an ultimate goal of human endeavours.

To help you get started here are 6 steps for improving your health and well being

Step 1: The 3 Rs: Refuel Re energise Regularly

In business we often find ourselves burning the candle at both ends or even just chucking it straight into the fire! Skipping meals and a lack of sleep can quickly result in burnout. The reality is however, that sometimes we have to work full out to get things done, especially if you are a single woman enterprise. Support yourself during these times by making sure that you

Refuel i.e eat, Good wholesome food with the minimum level of processing is as effective as medicine. If you would rather not spend a lot of energy on fad diets and feel overwhelmed by all the nutritional advice out there. Simply aim for moderation, variety and to eat a larger proportion of your food in its unprocessed, whole or raw state.  A big part of refuelling is ensuring that you are properly hydrated. Since our bodies are made up of over 70% water, it is one of the most important aspects of our health. It is estimated that up to 90% of all headaches are the result of dehydration. If you are feeling thirsty then you are already dehydrated. Therefore drink regularly -preferably caffeine free beverages like herb teas and water lots of it.

Re energise i.e. sleep on average 6-8 hours per night, (which may mean catching up at less busy times) Despite popular belief that we can survive on less than 6 hours per night, we actually need a good solid 8-9 hours of sleep each night to support our health. If you find it hard to wind down and sleep well, try breathing exercises, meditation or a relaxing bath.

Take time out to relax away from your desk or work environment (even if it is only for minutes) and ensure that you do it regularly. Spending time in nature can re connect us with our inner consciousness and deeper wisdom – the part of us which is our true self. The part that is not subject to the negative self talk and labels we take on as a result of the pressures of our busy lives. Connecting to our core is one of the integral elements of well-being. Many of us have lost that connection, and suffer the consequences on a daily basis. However reconnecting is as easy as stepping away from your desk and stepping outside.

And remember to Refuel and Re energise Regularly

Step 2: Remember the wrapper

Take good care of your skin. Not just your face, your whole body. Your skin reflects your internal health and your overall well being – it is the body’s mirror: both physical and emotional. Prolonged stress can affect your appearance (acne, eczema, psoriasis) and accelerate aging of the skin.


Step 3 Effective Breathing

It’s amazing how easy it is for us humans to forget to breathe. We have become a people who breathe shallowly with bodies deprived of oxygen. Take full, slow, breaths down into the depths of your lungs until you can’t take in any more and then slowly exhale, fully and completely until you feel all the breath gone from your body, Then do it again, and again. Breathe fresh air, outside, in the sun, preferably in a forest, on a beach, or watching the sunset

Step 4. Exercise

We all know that exercise is a vital part of health and well-being. However many people still baulk at the thought of moving their bodies beyond one chair to another. Exercise does not have to be unpleasant painful or hard. Basically it is moving your body a little faster than it normally moves. Build exercise into your life by aiming to move a little faster, stretch a little higher or bend a little lower than normal as you go about your life. Get off the bus or train a stop earlier and walk the rest of the way, if there are stairs use them and get up and put things away often rather than creating piles are just a few ways you can start exercising.

Step 5: Invigorate Your Spirit

When you’re busy building an empire it’s is easy to put yourself last. Especially if you have to balance this with many other home and relationship responsibilities; meeting deadlines at work, taking care of the kids, responding to that demanding client. It’s important to put aside time to do some kind things to honour yourself and invigorate your spirit.Follow your bliss by taking time to do what really makes you happy in life. Doing the things we love on a daily basis, whether it is singing, dancing or martial arts is one of the most important things to maintain a state of vibrant health and well being.


Live in the moment and be present. By being present instead of constantly reliving past hurts or being upset by the stories running in your head of future events you greatly remove the amount of stress in your life. As the saying goes: yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery so all you have is the present – which is why it is call a gift.

Step 6 Continue learning.

From the moment we enter this world we have an insatiable appetite for learning. Despite the education system’s best efforts to teach this out of us, it is still there dormant. Reawaken that desire and make it a goal to learn something new every day!

What are your top tips for staying healthy in mind body and spirit? I would love to read about your experiences.



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