Hackers ate my website !


Hackers at work A lot has happened to me over the past two weeks. Hackers ate my Website and I had my meltdown hissy- fit with the universe. I decided to be both the sole guest and guest of honour at a particularly spectacular pity party .  Yes my site www.tycoonwomen.com was hacked and you probably noticed because it was off line for almost 10 days.Initially there was a very unhelpful message from my hosting company Justhost (and I can think of a number of words to substitute “host” for that better reflect my feelings for them at the moment)  which said ACCOUNT SUSPENDED!  Then it was scrambled and uneditable, which meant I couldn’t update or post any new material. Sorry if you tried to access it and got the dreaded error page.  

It happened at a time when I was at a low ebb and I must admit it felt like a door being slammed shut in my face; locking me out and breaking my nose to boot – just in case I wasn’t getting the very obvious “go away you’re not welcome here” message!

If you’re in business you’ll know that at there are times when you just seem to be struggling to get 1,000,001 things done,  constantly wondering if it is worth it – looking for  a sign or some indication that you on the right track, because your efforts are not being rewarded in proportion to the work you are putting in.. And then something major goes wrong! Something that you can’t fix straight away and threatens to derail you completely. It is at times like this when you want to throw in the towel and for me it was no different.  There was a moment (and quite a long one at that)  when I felt like giving up and getting a proper job! Obviously hackers eating my Website meant that the universe was against me so why fight it anymore.

When I finally calmed down enough to allow some deeper reflection, it occurred to me perhaps this that wasn’t the lesson.  When it appeared as if all was all over – I was surprised by my feelings of loss and how important it is for me to succeed in my business.  Despite still feel consciously incompetent a lot of the time (because being an entrepreneur is a relatively new way of being for this ex public servant and so is not yet my second nature); I realised that it wont always be like this.  I remembered that this is exactly how I felt when I first took over the multi-million pound regeneration project that I was responsible for in my last paid employment.  I was reminded that it is natural, indeed okay to feel out of your depth. The trick is to hold on to the knowledge that you will eventually be in your flow. It will eventually feel like second nature and you will have the same level confidence to do this so-called new thing that you have for the things that you can do in your sleep. 

Being a Tycoon women (a powerful woman with a thinking heart)  is about keeping it real not pretending to yourself that it’s okay when its not.  So rather than suppress your feelings of despair, embrace them.   Because actually all you really need to do with feelings is feel them as opposed to be driven by then and get help where needed.  Being the CEO of your own life means learning how to roll with the punches take the learning and get up stronger, more informed, smarter and better equipped for the next time. There is no failure just feedback and being able to see the lesson in everything that happens is a priceless life tool. 

So apart form the personal insight – what was my biggest learning from my site being hacked?  Well basically, site security is a must if you are online. If you have not given it a second thought until now – give it one.  Hacking isn’t about what your site has, how big you are, how great or how interesting your site is.  Hacking is basically an investment strategy for Internet security companies.  A good comparison would be if the police started secretly committing crimes in order to keep the crime statistics up so they had a job; or if doctors invented new illnesses or if the fire service ran an arson campaign. Although I’m not saying that the hackers are employed by Internet security companies – in case the lawyers are listening 

You will be a target for the hackers because you are a potential buyer of Internet security services.  Therefore save yourself the hassle and pain of being hacked by beating them to it and getting your site security sorted out in advance.  

Here’s a link to the company that sorted out my Website – wewatchyourwebsite.com They are reasonably priced and do what it says on the tin.



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