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ID-100109843Forum posting is all about generating more quality and targeted web traffic to your website. There is definitely a right and wrong way to do it though.

If done incorrectly, forum posting can be “spammy” and damage your online reputation, but if done correctly it can help solidify your expert status online, while driving very high-quality and targeted visitors to your website or blog. Forum posting is about mixing in the right circles for your niche and making a name and place for yourself online.

Your expert status needs to be crafted carefully, with each new forum post. You need to consistently and steadily increase your following by adding value wherever and however you can. The more of an expert people perceive you as, the more interested they will be in you and the more they will interact with you. The more of this type of traction you gain, the more traffic you will get to your external website or blog.

The type of traffic you get from forums is completely free. The more traffic you get, the more money you will make, if your website converts well and your sales funnel is well structured of course. If traffic is money, then free traffic is free money, quite literally. This is more than enough reason to engage in responsible forum posting.

You must realise that when engaging in forum posting, you must always add value to your online community. Never directly try to sell or be pushy to get people to visit links to your website. This will be interpreted as spam by other forum members and you will damage your online image at best, and be banned from the forum at worst.

Although forum posting is eventually about getting more traffic, you cannot directly ask for it. You need to be interesting and valuable enough that people will want to go off on their own to find out more about you. You want to generate qualified and relevant traffic anyway, so this will benefit you in the long run.

So how do you stimulate traffic generation? You can recommend links as an extension of the value you have already added to the forum in your post, but the link needs to be relevant and add further value, not simply be a sales page. You can have your website link in your signature in many forums. Often, if people find your content valuable, they will want more and they will then go looking for it by following your signature link.

Find a forum that is relevant to your niche and start engaging in conversations. Ask and answer interesting questions, start new topics and just generally try to help people. Be genuine, because you will soon find it impossible to continue faking it if you are not.

Make forum posting a consistent habit and you will find yourself reaping the rewards, often sooner than you may think.

 “Forum Computer Key For Social Media Community Or Information” by Stuart Miles

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