How to be the CEO of You Plc

The best way to live life on purpose and to the full  is to live in line with your values - doing what you love i.e. following your passion. Think of it as you being or becoming the CEO of your own life. That is being completely in charge, taking full responsibility of your life, everything that happens to you and everything that you do. CEOs run businesses and whether you are formally in business or not - clearly the first business to be in charge of is the business of your own life - YOU Plc. After all isn’t your life your business! Being the CEO of your own life means that you are in charge – the buck stops with you - that means you take absolute responsibility for everything that happens to you. Every day you have a choice of whether to get the results you want or to have reasons … [Read more...]

3 basic rules for managing your money

How we see money determines how we treat it and this in turn creates the financial circumstances we experience. Having a mindset of wealth and abundance doesn't mean being irresponsible with money and disregarding the basic rules. The celebrity world is littered with tales of stars who have been forced to declare bankruptcy despite the fact of having earned hundreds of millions of pounds during their career. For example, Michael Jackson is purported to have earned over $500m; yet at the time of his tragic and untimely death, it is estimated that his estate was over $400 million in debt. Far from disregarding basic financial management rules, a mindset of wealth and abundance positively embraces the realism of living within your means and being able to defer gratification. When you truly … [Read more...]

5 Ps to help you re start smart

You know how when life throws you a curveball and you suddenly find yourself having to start again. That's when you need someone who is  skilled at  show people how to make a smart restart.  At One Woman Brand we bring to  your personal life the same kind of support that normally used to help businesses and major corporations to achieve success by getting their brand story right and to the right people.  We've developed five simple steps that we've used to deliver world-class results.  By adding add proven strategies and confidence  our strategy helps  you start smart so you can springboard your way to a fabulous new start and achieve the results you want. The 5 Ps Smart Start Solution Passion – What You Love Discover how to put the enthusiasm zest and excitement back into your … [Read more...]

Modern Marketing Methods

The traditional marketing methods of print and media marketing are dead, or dying. They are simply not as effective as they once were, because we are suffering from advertising overload. People are trained to ignore traditional advertising, because they are constantly inundated with it. This is not good if your business relies on advertising or marketing, because every dollar spend on traditional advertising is less effective than ever before. This means that the effectiveness of traditional marketing methods is so low that many businesses simply cannot make the numbers work so that their marketing efforts return positively on their investment. Money spent on something that most people ignore is often not a good investment. A new way exists, that many canny marketers are using to … [Read more...]

Social Media

If you are new to social media you may be finding it difficult to get your head around how best to use this tool to grow your business profile, improve your offer and increase your sales. Just as with more traditional marketing methods, it is possible to spend limitless budgets on the many different packages programmes and gurus available to guide you on your journey through cyberspace. Luckily help is an image away in the form of this Infographic from Getit Comms, a Singapore based PR firm, which is easy to understand and offers a great starting point. Consisting of  14 simple steps, it  will help you get your brand out there and better still, help you identify clear goals so you know both what you have to do and why you are doing it. Having said that it's worth remembering that … [Read more...]

Internet Marketing

When people hear the term “internet marketing” they often think of get-rich-quick schemes. It is true that scammers operate inside the internet marketing realm, as they operate in any place that they can. Where there are people, there are potential victims for scammers. You need to open your eyes to the true and legitimate opportunities that exist with internet marketing, whereby many ordinary people are making a good (and often great) income from home. The work “marketing” often puts people off, because they have bad connotations with conventional selling. Many people do not like, nor do they wish to be, salespeople, and understandably so. What people need to realise is that marketing simply refers to the process of conveying one’s product or service to the appropriate target audience. … [Read more...]

Network Marketing: A Business Where Women Excel

For many women who have either dabbled in network marketing, via cosmetics or household containers and cleaners, or been collard by desperate ‘friends’ trying to get them to buy a product or join a MLM scheme, the idea of network marketing as a sound business proposition with the capacity to make them wealthy is pretty farfetched. However, Network marketing has helped people all over the world achieve financial independence—and it can help you do the same. . If you want to improve your current financial situation and are ready to become your own boss, then networking marketing is an excellent way to go. Kim Kiyosaki , a successful businesswomen and accomplished author (who is married to Robert Kiyosaki, famous for his  leading Rich Dad Poor Dad series of books on wealth creation) makes the … [Read more...]

Forum Posting

Forum posting is all about generating more quality and targeted web traffic to your website. There is definitely a right and wrong way to do it though. If done incorrectly, forum posting can be “spammy” and damage your online reputation, but if done correctly it can help solidify your expert status online, while driving very high-quality and targeted visitors to your website or blog. Forum posting is about mixing in the right circles for your niche and making a name and place for yourself online. Your expert status needs to be crafted carefully, with each new forum post. You need to consistently and steadily increase your following by adding value wherever and however you can. The more of an expert people perceive you as, the more interested they will be in you and the more they will … [Read more...]


Is it really possible to make money from blogging? If you want to spend more time engaged in your hobbies and passions, blogging is a perfect way to make it pay. You do not need to be a professional writer either, but just have a good working knowledge of your subject matter. Being passionate also helps a lot. Pay attention to your writing style so that it is at least semi-professional and, at very least, readable. All things being equal, the blogs with the most relevant, original and useful content will rise to the top. The top blogs have a bigger and more fanatical readership, as well as more web traffic from the search engines. Web traffic is what will make your blog a successful money-making machine that will generate a passive income, even while you sleep. There is a lot to be … [Read more...]

Article Writing

Article writing is a great way to promote yourself online, as well as affiliate or CPA offers, as a way to generate extra passive residual income. The type of articles I am referring to are not print articles, but rather digital articles. Digital articles have many benefits over magazine or newspaper articles, such as the fact that they are evergreen. Once digital articles are posted to the internet they stay there, gaining more traction each day, as opposed to print articles, which appear in the publication once before they are thrown away. Digital article writing is very accessible, because anyone can write one and post it online, whereas only very few people ever get the opportunity to write for magazines or newspapers, and when they do they are not able to write about any topic … [Read more...]

Network Marketing

What is Network Marketing Even in this day and age there are many misunderstandings and preconceptions about network marketing and what it actually is. Some people still believe it’s an illegal pyramid, some get it mixed up with Internet marketing, and sadly some just think it’s a scam. In reality it’s a highly ethical business model operating in a highly regulated industry and it means a company markets their products through a network of independent distributors instead of putting them in a shop or selling them direct. There are a lot of benefits to a company of doing business this way, but for us, the motivated individual, network marketing is really a vehicle. It’s a vehicle we can use to earn some extra income, to develop ourselves as people, and in the case of some of us, … [Read more...]

Creating Wealth

  We know from research that when it comes to money women take a different approach to men. Whilst many people believe those women are better managers of the household budget, much research has been put forward to show that this is actually true!  . Surveys suggest that men tend to take a more longer term view of their finances particularly when it come to managing debts. Women tend to look at their current levels of debt while men tend to look to the future and are more likely to plan ahead when it comes to their finances. Women worry more about how they are going to pay off all their current credit card bills, store cards and loans along with their mortgage, shopping and living expenses with three quarters of women doing so, meanwhile less than 50% of men worry about the … [Read more...]

10 Reasons To become a women in Business

So here are 10 good reasons why you should embrace the opportunities created by becoming a Woman in Business   Reason #1. Because a single income is not enough to sustain you, wages have been frozen and are even being cut in most sectors and the cost of living is rising Reason #2. Because the jobs that are being cut in the public and private sectors are not coming back – The nature of industry has changed; labour is cheap and fewer workers are needed.   Reason #3. Because cutting national debt has become the most important thing to governments, more important than providing services and taking care of ordinary people.   Reason #4. Banks are in claw back mode and no longer want to lend money to people who are at risk of not being able to pay it back, … [Read more...]

Growing And Nurturing Your Bussiness

One of the first things that you are made aware of when you start a business is just how many of them fail in the first two years. Whilst the failure rate may be high, rather than seeing this as the sword of Damocles waiting to put an end to your dreams, use this knowledge to ensure that you are forewarned of potential business traps. All businesses experience times when they are struggling, particularly during economic downturns. The ones that make it through and go on to grow are the ones that are able to adapt to trading situation as they change. To not only survive in business but also grow, your business boils down to three simple things. (i) Knowing how to increase the number of customers you have; (ii) knowing how to increase how many units of your product or service you sell … [Read more...]

7 Key Lessons to For The Mature Woman in Business

As a budding business  woman or entrepreneur there are always new challenges and new lessons to learn more or less every day. Whilst is it sound advice to get yourself a mentor and coach to help you through, at some point you have to fly solo and deal with the trials and issues that dog most new businesses. Rather than seeing these as trials it is more productive to embrace them as opportunities for learning. There is no failure only feedback so open your mind to the learning you receive from what goes wrong. Fortunately there is also a wealth of information from other entrepreneurs who are happy to share what they have learned so you also learn from their mistakes without having to make them first. Here is a roundup of 7 key lessons for the budding business women Focus on your … [Read more...]