Holding the vision

I like to think of all women, as Tycoon Women in the making- A Tycoon woman just to remind you is A POWERFUL WOMAN WITH A THINKING HEART; women who are in touch with their purpose, who have said yes at the deepest centre of their consciousness, yes to their passion, yes to their contribution and yes to the positive impact they can make by daring to be the best they can be. Now it is not always possible for us to hold that vision of ourselves so if you feel that being a tycoon woman is not you because right now because you don’t feel confident about who you are and what you can do – don’t worry we here at Tycoon Women will hold that vision for you. Holding a vision for someone is a powerful gift. When others can’t see their glory and their potential if we see it for them we can help … [Read more...]

Jane Hafren – “I would recommend any woman to say ‘yes’ to this experience!”

We all know that stories can serve to inspire and motivate people to action.  Ola Agbaimoni asks female entrepreneurs to tell their stories to encourage other women to fulfil their own dreams through business.  And if that seems scary, her website Tycoon Women and the coaching she offers there enable women to change their relationship with money – so that making money work for you seems possible and doable. When Ola asked me to be a guest on her radio show, on Playvybz.com I was both excited and incredibly nervous.  ‘Pick 7 tracks of music that mean a lot to you and that correspond to turning points or decision points in your life’ – to inspire other people.  Boy oh boy! I’m used to standing up on stages and delivering training courses, in fact I love doing it… and I deliver a lot of … [Read more...]

How to be the CEO of You Plc

The best way to live life on purpose and to the full  is to live in line with your values - doing what you love i.e. following your passion. Think of it as you being or becoming the CEO of your own life. That is being completely in charge, taking full responsibility of your life, everything that happens to you and everything that you do. CEOs run businesses and whether you are formally in business or not - clearly the first business to be in charge of is the business of your own life - YOU Plc. After all isn’t your life your business! Being the CEO of your own life means that you are in charge – the buck stops with you - that means you take absolute responsibility for everything that happens to you. Every day you have a choice of whether to get the results you want or to have reasons … [Read more...]

Tycoon Women

Tycoon women offers training, mentoring and coaching to women to enable them to have a better relationship with money and as a result increase the flow of money and wealth into their lives. Typically my clients are women who are finding it difficult to manage their money successfully. Women who no matter how hard they work or how much they earn always seem to be struggling financially; as if they and wealth live on two different planets. I work with both individuals and business owners. My programs takes as a starting point that what we think leads to what we feel, which leads to how we act which then gives us the results we experience. It is based on principles that have been successfully used within NLP and coaching. I focus on working one-on-one with individuals to address negative … [Read more...]

Amazing “Tycoon” Women

A tycoon is normally associated with someone with immense wealth and power in a financial sense.  But wealth and power can also relate to emotional wealth, spiritual wealth, physical wealth and intellectual wealth.  Tycoon women have immense wealth and power in all areas of their lives.  Being a tycoon enables you to be Totally You, Confident, Outstanding and Optimistic in the Now, so that you can master the future. In order to be Totally You, you must learn how to look good naked, metaphorically speaking. Looking good naked means discarding the psychological baggage we use to cover up our true self.  I.e. the things that tell us we are not good enough, that we are wrong and unworthy. Confidence comes with knowing who you are, what you want and how to achieve it. Outstanding is what … [Read more...]

Walking the Talk!

  There is something about the way in which things are advertised that really gets me. I have a physical reaction to it. It's almost like retching just before being sick. This feeling is so deep; I feel it touches my soul. What am I talking about? Well I'm talking about the way in which many people in business create a sense of scarcity in order to encourage people to buy. The way in which some marketers hike up the price and claim that things are worth 10 times even 50 times more than the price they are actually selling them. What is it about our society that causes people to only want something if they believe they can't have it or it is in scarce supply? It just feeds this want more, want it all mentality that is so prevalent and so harmful in western culture. If you … [Read more...]

10 Reasons To become a women in Business

So here are 10 good reasons why you should embrace the opportunities created by becoming a Woman in Business   Reason #1. Because a single income is not enough to sustain you, wages have been frozen and are even being cut in most sectors and the cost of living is rising Reason #2. Because the jobs that are being cut in the public and private sectors are not coming back – The nature of industry has changed; labour is cheap and fewer workers are needed.   Reason #3. Because cutting national debt has become the most important thing to governments, more important than providing services and taking care of ordinary people.   Reason #4. Banks are in claw back mode and no longer want to lend money to people who are at risk of not being able to pay it back, … [Read more...]

7 Key Lessons to For The Mature Woman in Business

As a budding business  woman or entrepreneur there are always new challenges and new lessons to learn more or less every day. Whilst is it sound advice to get yourself a mentor and coach to help you through, at some point you have to fly solo and deal with the trials and issues that dog most new businesses. Rather than seeing these as trials it is more productive to embrace them as opportunities for learning. There is no failure only feedback so open your mind to the learning you receive from what goes wrong. Fortunately there is also a wealth of information from other entrepreneurs who are happy to share what they have learned so you also learn from their mistakes without having to make them first. Here is a roundup of 7 key lessons for the budding business women Focus on your … [Read more...]