How to be lucky!

Unemployment in the UK continues to rise. Currently there are 1 million under 25s without a job and about 2 1/2 million other people also seeking work and those are just the ones we record officially. For some people these are really difficult times and the more they buy into the negative outlook presented by the media the worst it is going to be for them. As implausible as it may seem, what you choose to think really does affect what you experience. Let's imagine that you are one of the unemployment statistics and right now you are without a job. If you think "gosh things are really bad, I have no money and no prospect of a job"; every day you hold this belief you experience this reality. Your mindset will present you from seeing any opportunities that present themselves to you. To … [Read more...]

6 ways a shift into harmony creates a blueprint for wealth

A shift into harmony with yourself and money, i.e. healing your relationships with your self  and and your relationship with money, is the blueprint for living a life of true abundance; achieving your goals and being happy.  The Shift into Harmony: Blueprint for Wealth coaching and mentoring programme offered by Tycoon Women  is  the fastest and most direct route to move forward in your life or in your business, by helping you to break old redundant patterns of thinking and behaviours that are currently keeping you poor. And I don’t just mean in terms of notes and coins; poor; emotionally, psychologically and spiritually too.  The Shift into Harmony: Blueprint for Wealth programme  focuses on mastering the thoughts, lead to feelings, lead to actions and create results chain reaction so … [Read more...]

How to stop feeling yourself into debt

PHOTOGRAPH BY GEOFF WARD 2009 When it comes to money or the lack of it, a big determinant is how you feel. Many people use money as a substitute for emotions. Either they use it to make themselves feel better, more in control, more powerful; or their emotions drive them to act in a way that is contrary to their long-term best interests. Alvin Hall, the internationally renowned financial educator and TV/radio broadcaster in his book Money Magic: seven simple steps to true financial freedom; identifies the six most common feelings that drive people into debt. According to Alvin Hall, our deadly emotions lead us to misuse credit. Because our emotions are a powerful driver, it is worth analysing your debt problems to see which of these unhelpful emotions are fuelling your debt issues. The … [Read more...]

Are you putting up with 10%

You posses the most powerful tool in the universe, it’s your subconscious mind. Whilst you may currently find it difficult to believe especially if you are struggling to find answers to some of your more pressing problems at present; your subconscious mind knows everything. It has all the answers you require – the trick is to know how to use it correctly. A common statistic banded around by the scientific community is that we only use 10% of our brains or minds. That means that we have the capacity of 90% of it that isn’t currently in use. Imagine you were asked to survive on only 10% of the calories you need each day. You would soon starve to death. Or if you could only use 10% of your lung capacity to breathe – there are many people with serious breathing problems who would tell you … [Read more...]

Our Money Matrix

Have you watch the film called The Matrix? If you haven't, you ought to- it is this a good film. Not only that, the plot provides an interesting analogy on the way we live our lives. That is the majority of us are actually asleep – we have chosen to live in a dream world because the reality of the real world is so terrible that we would rather sleep through life oppressed than awake and start to heal the world our ancestors were responsible for destroying. In the film, Earth as we know it has been destroyed by the robots human beings created to make their lives easier. The robots gain consciousness and become aware of their power, then turn on humans and enslaved them instead, using their life energy to fuel a pointless world. (it's not clear why without hearts and souls the robots … [Read more...]

Changing your thoughts will change your results

I never liked the idea of predetermination. I remember studying it at school in RE and thinking “what a bum rap” if you were predestined to go to hell. The really horrible part was apparently there was nothing you could do about it. Fortunately when it comes to our future wealth, even if the cards are initially stacked against you, you have the capacity to change the trajectory of your wealth ship. If it is heading to planet poverty, it's possible to reset the course for planet wealth. This is great news because it means that everyone has it within their control to decide their financial fate. The process is both tried and tested and very simple in its design. It's known as the procedure of manifestation and it goes like this: Thoughts lead to feelings. Feelings lead to actions. And … [Read more...]

A mindset of abundance

When I left my high end five figure salary job last year, I knew that I would be entering a period of serious financial management. You see I had decided to start my own company and become self-employed. Despite the endless promises of making £1000, £10,000 or even £100,000 overnight (or within six weeks to 3 months if you were slow off the mark!); my experience as a senior manager who used to have responsibility for inward investment and business development (including start-up funding) told me that a much more likely scenario was that I was going to need to manage my lump sum final payment for between 18 to 24 months before I was in a position to replace my salary with the profits from my business. You see not only was I going to work for myself; I was following my passion in a … [Read more...]

Scary Credit Card debt

How would you describe your financial position right now? What criteria do you use to judge how financially secure you are? For example, do you consider yourself to be financially secure because you are managing to juggle your credit cards? You know how when you've got just enough balance on card X to pay the minimum payment on card Y and next month you use card Y to pay the minimum balance card X? You are managing, you've covered your debts or so you think. What happens if you have a sudden unplanned expense? For example, a kitchen appliance needs repairing, or your car tax is due. You've no money put aside so you are back to the juggling. Perhaps you can pay for the shopping by cheque (unfortunately, this really isn't an option any longer as very few if any places take cheques these … [Read more...]

What you think is what you see

Remember that old chestnut about whether the glass is half full or half empty – well, we all know it's both. What determines how you see it is the filters you have chosen to look through. We think of seeing through our eyes when the reality is that we see through our thoughts. Consequently there really isn't any such thing as a single completely objective way of seeing things. Today I was watching a video of myself which will shortly be on my website. Now I am super critical of how I look on film. As my husband is fond of reminding me, I've never seen a picture of myself that I was truly happy with. Hence I wasn't allowed to select our wedding pictures. I did manage to get my sister to airbrush a couple that she had put up on her website. Why not? It made me feel better. But I … [Read more...]

Walking the Talk!

  There is something about the way in which things are advertised that really gets me. I have a physical reaction to it. It's almost like retching just before being sick. This feeling is so deep; I feel it touches my soul. What am I talking about? Well I'm talking about the way in which many people in business create a sense of scarcity in order to encourage people to buy. The way in which some marketers hike up the price and claim that things are worth 10 times even 50 times more than the price they are actually selling them. What is it about our society that causes people to only want something if they believe they can't have it or it is in scarce supply? It just feeds this want more, want it all mentality that is so prevalent and so harmful in western culture. If you … [Read more...]

Creating Wealth

  We know from research that when it comes to money women take a different approach to men. Whilst many people believe those women are better managers of the household budget, much research has been put forward to show that this is actually true!  . Surveys suggest that men tend to take a more longer term view of their finances particularly when it come to managing debts. Women tend to look at their current levels of debt while men tend to look to the future and are more likely to plan ahead when it comes to their finances. Women worry more about how they are going to pay off all their current credit card bills, store cards and loans along with their mortgage, shopping and living expenses with three quarters of women doing so, meanwhile less than 50% of men worry about the … [Read more...]

Growing And Nurturing Your Bussiness

One of the first things that you are made aware of when you start a business is just how many of them fail in the first two years. Whilst the failure rate may be high, rather than seeing this as the sword of Damocles waiting to put an end to your dreams, use this knowledge to ensure that you are forewarned of potential business traps. All businesses experience times when they are struggling, particularly during economic downturns. The ones that make it through and go on to grow are the ones that are able to adapt to trading situation as they change. To not only survive in business but also grow, your business boils down to three simple things. (i) Knowing how to increase the number of customers you have; (ii) knowing how to increase how many units of your product or service you sell … [Read more...]

7 Key Lessons to For The Mature Woman in Business

As a budding business  woman or entrepreneur there are always new challenges and new lessons to learn more or less every day. Whilst is it sound advice to get yourself a mentor and coach to help you through, at some point you have to fly solo and deal with the trials and issues that dog most new businesses. Rather than seeing these as trials it is more productive to embrace them as opportunities for learning. There is no failure only feedback so open your mind to the learning you receive from what goes wrong. Fortunately there is also a wealth of information from other entrepreneurs who are happy to share what they have learned so you also learn from their mistakes without having to make them first. Here is a roundup of 7 key lessons for the budding business women Focus on your … [Read more...]