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Weddings, cancer and celebrating success

I am full of the joys of spring (okay I am a little early) as I am expecting a pony. I know this sounds strange but a friend reminded me that wherever there is a huge pile of 'crap' there is usually a pony not far behind and so I have decided that when the trials and challenges of life appear it is simply because I am getting a pony! I have no idea when or what it will look like but the thought alone brings a smile on my face and for now that's enough. Inspiration for this week's Divalicious Moment is courtesy of love, perseverance and the importance of taking action. I went to a wedding recently, nothing unusual there except the couple had been together for nearly 40 years and the groom has stage four cancer holding out for a miracle to help him make it to their first wedding … [Read more...]

Play to win

Listening to the radio I was startled by a news report talking about a 2nd division football team. Whilst I forget the name of the team, I cannot forget what they said: “we are going to try and win the next 15 games to give us a chance of making it to the premiership” Now if you are not interested in football you’re probably wondering why I mentioned it and if you are interested in football you probably want more information like what team I am talking about. But neither of these points is relevant. What struck me was not the fact that they were trying to win the next 15 games rather that they needed to mention it and that statement was seen as newsworthy. Why else would you play if it were not to win? Perhaps they had forgotten their mission and needed to remind … [Read more...]

Juliette Thomas – “I’ve realised where I’m at is very content”

Tycoon Women Moments Radio Show Guest Wednesday 11th July 2012 Juliette Thomas is co-founder and director of Spark & Fuse Marketing, established in 2006. Spark & Fuse Marketing is a niche business that specialises in prize promotions and events. Juliette is a self-confessed compliance geek and works with her clients - on- and offline - to help them get their prize promotions right. During the last 15 years she has sourced over £1.1m worth of prizes, supplied hundreds of Terms and Conditions, and dealt with over 15000 delighted winners. She has lost count of the times she has saved a client’s reputation (often at the 11th hour!). by rectifying Terms and Conditions and amending promotion logistics. She presents to companies about promotional compliance , and recently spoke at … [Read more...]

What words inspire you?

When I was in secondary school, I was in a production called Joan of Arc. If I recall it was a cantata written by our music teacher, Mr Wilson (or was it Williams) and as I'm pretty sure he didn't go on to achieve Andrew Lloyd Webber fame you’ve probably never heard of it. I had they supporting role as an evil spirit who follows the bad guy. We wore black leotards and tights and had to do this strange evil looking dance – mainly improvised on the spot. Anyway the reason I'm telling you this is because the words of one of the songs really struck home and has stayed in my head to this day. It went "words are my weapons, words are my tools, words can injure and words can fool" I can't recall the rest of it, but it made me realise just how powerful words can be. Words, strung together in the … [Read more...]

Jenny Garrett – “…Even more to celebrate!”

Tycoon Women Moments Radio Show Guest Wednesday 27th June 2012 From humble beginnings on a council estate, the daughter of a single mum and a graduate of the comprehensive system; Jenny Garrett has accumulated a degree in business and a Masters degree in management learning and leadership. Initially working in the retail sector, in 2006 she decided to follow her passion into coaching. At first this was on a part-time basis but in just one year Jenny was able to build a full-time business doing what she loves. Author of “Rocking Your Role” Jenny's book is based on her pioneering work looking at women as the female breadwinners and impact this has on their roles within the family and the workplace. Jenny Garrett, author of “Rocking Your Role” Jenny's book is based on her pioneering work … [Read more...]

Eve Early – “A beautiful Process”

Tycoon Women Moments Radio Show Guest Wednesday 16th November 2011 Eve Early says that what she does is empower change and this theme runs through her life and her work of career coaching, book based educational programs, and support groups. Eve has had an incredible life journey both metaphorically speaking and in reality.Originally from America, Eve now lives in Ireland, a place that she feels was always calling her home. Listen Again  [display_podcast] Experience it for yourself  The Seven Moments process used in the show is a truly insightful and cathartic exercise. It is a journey back through your life reconnecting to the pivotal moments that have defined your life so far. Through it you can learn how to embrace your wisdom and celebrate your successes, then  take … [Read more...]

Kathryn Clinkscales-Reynolds – “I got to see I can be nutty”

Tycoon Women Moments Radio Show Guest Wednesday 13th June 2012   Sex, drugs or rock and roll should have stopped Kathryn Clinkscales-Reynolds from getting as far as she has. This almost 50 year old ex New Yorker had plenty of – let’s call them distractions. But instead they seems to have given her the know how to survive. A former production manager for the innovative circus Cirque du Soleil in New York, Kathryn came to London in 1992, turned down the job as the production manager for the Titanic (yes that film!) and amongst other things was the assistant stylist for Playboy magazine before following her passion and training as a healer and massage therapist. In 2003 she was ordained as an Interfaith Minister and spiritual counsellor. Her favourite claim to fame is being … [Read more...]

Zhana – “It was really empowering”

Tycoon Women Moments Radio Show Guest Wednesday 30th May 2012 Zhana is a modern griot (a west African story teller and holder of the community's history), writer, publisher and Transformational Growth Consultant. Zhana is also experienced in metaphysics and traditional African American ritual, as well as Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and Creative Communication Zhana's work focuses on the healing of humanity and our planet, with a particular focus on the healing of the people of the African continent and Diaspora. Zhana believes that healing our families and our communities can help us to achieve our goals in practical ways. She has written several books on the subject including success strategies for black people and black success stories Listen … [Read more...]

Hacked By GeNErAL

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