Are you faking it or living the life you were born to live?

Are you faking it or living the life you were born to live, making the impact you were born to make?

The journey to true wealth requires that you take a long hard look at the two primary relationships in your life – your relationship with money and your relationship with yourself. When you have harmony with your wealth and yourself then you are able to achieve your goals because you shift the primary blocks in your thinking that make it difficult or even prevent you achieving them.

Personal harmony is achieved when you are able to recognise that your authentic self is who you are, unfettered by the labels and negative beliefs that your conditioning fools you into accepting as true. If you have ever felt like you are wrong, not good enough or unworthy; it is because you have bought into the belief that you are your thoughts, feelings, actions, and the labels that you have been given as a result of them. How easy is it to be constantly down on yourself for past mistakes, or feeling that you don’t measure up to someone else’s expectations?

The truth is that your authentic self is unchanging – not in the sense of personal growth, where it is always possible to invite transformation and new possibilities; but in terms of what makes you, YOU. Who you truly are is the highest possibility of yourself. The diamond within the rock – uncut and unable to shine because of all the material hiding it, but a diamond just the same.

Authenticity is about being the genuine article – making the choices that are good not only for you but others too. Because when you are able to see your true worth it is easy to see everyone else’s as well.

So how do you reconnect to your authentic self?

By being more of the authentic you more of the time. Your authentic self is the composite of all your skills, talents and wisdom – it is all the things that are uniquely you and need expressing rather than what you think you ought to be expressing in response to externally imposed criteria. Your authentic self is your highest expression of your internal value and this can be divided into the following areas:
Talents – your unique skills
Passion – what you love most
Purpose – your reason for being
Knowledge – what you know
Personality – your character what makes you uniquely you
Understanding – how well you relate to others, empathy
Connection – how connected you are, how engaged you are with others
Compassion – your ability to be open hearted to give of yourself genuinely

The more you are able to be 100% of you in each of these areas the more connected to your authentic self you will be. Think of how you are in your life right now and score each of the segment in the wheel of authenticity from 0 to 10 : where zero is not at all and 10 is “on the money!”, yes! 100%.

When you have done this, review how much of your authentic self you are allowing to be visible. If it is less than 100%, ask yourself how you could be more of your authentic self in each of these areas.

Authenticity is like a magnet. People are attracted to it. When you fully embrace your authentic self you align who you are with what you do and so your actions are congruent with your beliefs and values.

Life moves from being difficult to just flowing!

You step into resources previously blocked by your limiting beliefs about who you truly are and as a consequence you can achieve success, true wealth and happiness in your personal and professional life.

Please do share your experiences with me. Your reflections on your experience could really be of benefit to someone in our community who is struggling right now. Thank you 🙂

About Ola Agbaimoni

Known as "The Business Detective" due to her "Sherlock Holmes" like problem solving abilities, Ola works in partnership with her sister Carole Pyke, The Business Bard. Together they run Eélan Media, a new type of Business growth agency offering a forensic approach to business and a creative approach to marketing. As well as being an expert in business planning, training and development, Ola is also a certified coach, NLP practitioner; an accomplished author, speaker and presenter.

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