“Ola demonstrate[s], reliability, professionalism and deep passion for collective healing in our society. Ola has a loving, powerful presence capable of juggling many tasks and has the authority to make things happen… Ola demonstrate[s] her resilience and strength with compassion and empathy when working with difficult situations and vulnerable people…she listens and creates a safe and non-judgemental space for those in need.” Rev Sonya Letie (Interfaith Minister)

“A problem solver with a focus on achieving outcomes!”Sandra Di Vito Director Price Waterhouse Coopers

“I really enjoyed my sessions with Olamide and got a lot out of them. She always used the right types of techniques and knowledge to ensure that I was happy that we had thoroughly discussed the chosen topic and had decided upon an action to take to move forward with the situation that was discussed in a positive way. I was always offered support in between sessions and was told that if I ever needed someone to speak to about the issues that concerned me, I only needed to pick up the phone and call her. Her experience showed throughout the sessions and she is thoroughly recommended if you have issues that you feel you want to work through and need some guidance in getting through it. Thanks again Olamide for all the great coaching that I received from you!” Former male client (name withheld for confidentiality)

“I admire Ola’s stance when it comes to dealing with stress, she does not allow issues to faze her, this is an art and I really benefited from it.  Ola is positive regardless of the issue or circumstances and always encourages you when you have to face difficult issues. Ola has really helped me work through some very difficult stuff and her positive encouragement help me get through it. She is truly blessed with understanding, is not judgmental: no matter how horrid someone may behave she always search for their good points. Ola gets the best out of people she is both professional and down to earth.” Former female client (name withheld for confidentiality)

‘Having run my own company for 6 years with varying results – some good, some not so good, I realised that if I was ever going to achieve financial freedom I needed to break this cycle and get clear on what I wanted. I’d heard a lot about coaching and mentoring but the idea that the way I was thinking about money could be preventing me achieving my goals seemed intriguing. Ola explained that having a positive mindset, not just about money but about all areas of my life, was essential to be able to change things and the results I was getting. I decided to work with Ola because I was attracted by her positive attitude and friendly and approachable style . Experiencing coaching one on one with Ola has been truly amazing. I have always struggled to get clarity on what my goals are and during the sessions I have been able to connect more closely with what is important to me and find some really effective ways of achieving what I really want to do both in my business and personal life. Ola not only helped me set my goals she also help my plan a set of clear achievable actions that I could take each day. In just 3 sessions I was able to put in place a clear strategy to quadruple my monthly income. Sometimes you need to take a step back in order to be able to see the wood from the trees and I can say without a doubt that this would not have been possible without the support and mentoring from Ola. Straight away Ola was able to connect to me and understand where I was and tweaked the coaching accordingly; plus it was a lot of fun!” January 5, 2012 Carl Hughes – Business Owner

“I first met Ola when she asked me to be a guest on the Tycoon Women Moments Show. As we got to know each other and I became more familiar with her work, I realised that she would be able to help me get clear about some issues I had been mulling over for some time. Ola is really an amazing coach. Actually it is very hard to get across just how good she really is. Her background in corporate management and leadership plus a very strategic approach to problem-solving definitely adds to her coaching ability. What I most valued about Ola approach is her flexibility and commitment to discover what works best for you. I can honestly say that Ola has made a major difference to me both professionally and personally. I was struggling to get clear and feel more confident about some difficult choices I needed to make. Ola helped me to see that rather than one option, I had many and knowing that made all the difference. We are now great friends and I really see great things ahead for both of us.”  November 28, 2012 Lilach Bullock – Business Owner