About Ola

Ola Agbaimoni


Ola (short for Olamide) is the founder of Leaders to Follow Ltd an innovation and solution based consultancy offering training and leadership development to organisations seeking to reach the next level by challenging the status quo and getting out of their comfort zone.

Ola has also developed an innovative coaching and mentoring program, which  although open to everyone, it is targeted at  women.  Called Tycoon Women it provides training mentoring and coaching as well as a range of products aimed at building wealth from the inside out; identifying what you are passionate about and creating more meaning in your life by identifying strategies to make profits from your passion either as a business owner or an highly effective employee. The two stream approach works on creating Personal Harmony by healing your relationship with yourself so you become authentically you – the best you YOU can be. And Wealth Well- being , healing your relationship with money. Because money plays such a significant part in our lives and we need it to function in our society many people give money meaning and energy in a way that can limit who they truly are.

Ola has over 20 years experience of working with people to achieve exceptional results.  She was a senior manager in the public sector and a specialist in regeneration and project management running multi-million pound programmes.

Ola draws on her knowledge of strategies normally associated with radically improving places, buildings and local economies, to help people to regenerate their lives.

As well as being a certified coach, NLP practitioner, mentor and trainer, Ola also draws on her 25 years as a parent, over 15 years as a senior manager running multi-million pound programmes,  leading professional teams and coaching staff and 6 years as an interfaith minister and spiritual counsellor.

Ola is deeply passionate about people and sees her life’s work as using her knowledge and experience to empowering and enabling all people, but particularly the mature woman, to live truly amazing lives; free from financial worries and able to follow their passion doing work that they love. Her unique philosophy recognizes that people are shaped by two primary relationships in their lives: their relationship with themselves (personal harmony) and their relationship with money (money harmony). Ola supports her clients to shift into harmony so that they are able to build their wealth from the inside out.

‘All of your experiences creates the person you are and affects the person you can become.  This has a massive impact on what I call your wealth wellbeing, that is how much money you have and how wealthy you are. Healing your relationship with money by unlearning the limiting beliefs you have about who you are and your emotional, psychological and spiritual relationship with money gives you the freedom to choose the life you want to live from this point forward’.

Ola hasn’t let her own journey towards financial independence prevent her from helping people now.

“How would it be if having learned the secrets of healing my own relationship with money and creating money harmony in my own life, I put on hold helping others whilst I went off to make my own fortune.  People need help now and I have the knowledge and skills to really help them.  What I learnt had such a profound effect on my own money mindset I knew I had to share it with others immediately.  This thing is bigger than me; I know I’ve discovered my life’s purpose.  Globally we all need to heal our relationship with money to move forward as a more equitable and caring society.  This is a universe of abundance and there is more than enough for all to have more than enough.  I always felt a deep desire to change the world one thought at a time and now I am. “

Ola’s ‘can do’ attitude is evident in everything she puts her mind and body to. An avid health and fitness enthusiast, she successfully completed the London Marathon.  Ola is also a qualified personal trainer and aerobics instructor and for years ran lunchtime fitness classes for women colleagues. She is currently training for a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, having previously supported her two young sons to achieve their Black Belts.

In 2006 Ola was ordained as an interfaith minister, following a two year training programme with the Interfaith Seminary. Ola credits her training with giving her the ability to sincerely connect with people on their own terms and work with them on an intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual level.

Ola is described by her peers as an enthusiastic, energetic and charismatic. Known for her strategic thinking, problem solving drive and determination to get the job done, Ola has won local and national awards for her leadership and track record of motivating teams to achieve and exceed targets.

Ola is the host of an innovative weekly radio show on www.playvybz.com , Tycoon Women Moments, where she interviews successful tycoon women who go through their 7 rhythms of life. Seven pivotal moments and seven songs that reflect their experience. Her guests have included Rachel Elnaugh former, Dragon Den’s Dragon; Lilach Bullock, Social media guru and  a finalist at the Best MumPreneur of the Year Award, presented at Downing Street; Rebecca Dakin of the Girlfriend Experience; Rebecca Garnett, CEO and Co-founder of Skilio an exciting new social media platform; Placida Acheru, Founder and CEO of Coaching for Excellence; Linda Parkinson-Hardman, founder of the Hysterectomy Association and Lynne Sedgmore CBE, Executive Director of 157 Furthering Education & Skills Group

Ola is an inspirational speaker noted for her key note talk “ How to look good naked – becoming the authentic you”  which  graphically illustrates in a highly amusing  way how uncovering your true self by taking off the psychological “clothes” we us to cover it up, is the key to living a truly amazing life.

Ola lives with her children and husband in south-east London.