owb our storyOne Woman Brand is a social enterprise that helps unemployed women with experience aged 45+ feel better about themselves and find employment either with Eélan Media, through running their own business, or with other companies.

We provide support, encouragement and training to help women feel more confident and start to believe in their own ability to succeed and move on with their lives and have a little fun along the way.

One Woman Brand is thebrainchild of Carole Pyke (The Business Bard) & Ola Agbaimoni (The Business Detective) trained Life Coaches and mentors who have both been actively involved (albeit separately) in empowering women, helping them succeed and celebrating their successes.

When the two women got together and created Eélan Media, a London based marketing agency helping businesses stand out in the crowd, they looked for a way to also incorporate their desire to help women and a chance conversation with one of Ola’s friends sparked the move towards creating the One Woman Brand and consolidating the work they had both been doing over the years.

Mature women looking to retrain and get back into the job market will find this a great opportunity to develop new skills in a friendly and nurturing environment and have a bit of fun along the way.