Play to win

Play to WinListening to the radio I was startled by a news report talking about a 2nd division football team. Whilst I forget the name of the team, I cannot forget what they said: “we are going to try and win the next 15 games to give us a chance of making it to the premiership”

Now if you are not interested in football you’re probably wondering why I mentioned it and if you are interested in football you probably want more information like what team I am talking about.
But neither of these points is relevant.

What struck me was not the fact that they were trying to win the next 15 games rather that they needed to mention it and that statement was seen as newsworthy. Why else would you play if it were not to win?
Perhaps they had forgotten their mission and needed to remind themselves.

There is something extremely powerful about saying things out loud.

Are you aiming to win? Do you need to say it out loud and remind yourself?

Now would be a great time to stop and look yourself in the eye (you’ll need a mirror to do this one) and say: “I intend to win…….(fill in the blanks)

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